Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

There is nothing better than gifting a local product and supporting our great Canadian brands.  Georgian Bay Spirit Co. was created by two Toronto friends that share a mutual love for Gin and Georgian Bay.  Georgian Bay Gin was born in 2013 when the two friends who often frequent the Georgian Bay area were out on a ski trip in Collingwood.  As the two looked out at the stunning views from the chairlift, they both uttered the same words 'Georgian Bay Gin'.  From that day on, they knew they had found their product concept. The area evokes clear, clean waters, pine trees and wonderful granite rock formations.  The duo wanted to capture the essence of Georgian Bay in their gin and sourced local and international ingredients such as Wild juniper, coriander, pure water from Springwater Township in Ontario, orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root and grains of paradise. 

After many years of product testing, they finally perfected their Georgian Bay Gin. I can attest to the perfection of this gin as the taste and smell is incredibly fresh, giving you a sense of being in the wilderness. The gin goes down very smoothly and makes for one of the best gin and tonics around.

Georgian Bay Spirits Co. also carries an award winning vodka and the cottage favourite Georgian Bay Gin Smash which is a pre-mixed cocktail.

Try this easy cocktail recipe to make for the special gin lover in your life:

Georgian Bay Gin & Tonic
50 ml Georgian Bay Gin
150 ml Premium Tonic Water
Soda Water
Squeeze of Pink Grapefruit Juice
Sprig of Cilantro (optional)
Lime Wedge

Fill glass with ice, add gin and a squeeze of grapefruit juice, add tonic water and top off with soda water.  Garnish with lime/cilantro.

Georgian Bay Spirit Co.
Price Range: $3-$40
Where to Purchase: LCBO

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