Carnivore Club

If there is a meat lover in your life then you’re in luck.  The Carnivore Club is a Canadian Company that features a monthly subscription to premium cured meat.  Each month, you’ll received a beautifully curated charcuterie box featuring 4 – 6 meats from an artisan. The artisan is changed every month so that you can enjoy a new tasting experience every time.

The Valentine's box I received this month features artisans Monte Nevado and Charcuterie Parisienne.The meat menu consisted of Serrano Jamon, Iberico Jamon, Landjaeger Sausage, Rosette de Lyon and Merguez sausage.  The selection was extensive, enough to share with my colleagues because I’m nice like that. Naturally, we devoured all of the meat in one sitting and were all very impressed with the quality and flavours of the meats. My favourite was definitely the Iberico Jamon which paired nicely with red wine and a baguette.

Carnivore Club
Price Range: $50-$60 per month
Where to Purchase: Subscribe online at

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