Collective Arts Brewing

Buy me a 6-pack over a dozen of roses and I’m a happy girl.  Craft beer is always a great gift for any beer lover because it’ll always be consumed and thoroughly enjoyed.  What makes Collective Arts Beer a unique gift is that their cans and bottles feature limited-edition works of art by local emerging artists and musicians. The next time you’re wondering about the unique piece of art on your Collective Arts can, just scan the label using an app called Blippar and watch the label come to life. 

Besides the fantastic artwork and exposure of local artists, Collective Arts brews some pretty amazing beer.  Their year round brews which can be found at the LCBO include Rhyme & Reason, Stranger than Fiction, Saint of Circumstance, State of Mind, Ransack the Universe and Stash. If you’re lucky enough to visit the brewery and taproom located in Hamilton, Ontario, you may be able to sample and purchase their Collective Project series which are seasonal experiments.

My Valentine’s Day pick is my all-time favourite, Rhyme & Reason. It's a sessionable extra pale ale that is fresh and full of citrus. The slightly sweet malt helps to bring out the citrus flavours and balances the beer out nicely.  Another great pick is the Stranger than Fiction Porter and the Collective Project Imperial Porter. The imperial builds on Stranger than Fiction for a richer, thicker and bolder beer with roasted flavours, vanilla, espresso and chocolate. Both porters are smooth and creamy and will pair perfectly with a variety of dark chocolates.

Collective Arts Brewing
Price Range: $2.75-$15 
Where to Purchase: LCBO, The Beer Store and Collective Arts Brewery 
You can also place orders online at
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