Cacao Avenue

Valentine’s Day and chocolate go hand in hand so gifting a subscription to Cacao Avenue’s monthly chocolate box is pretty much the greatest gift idea EVER.  Yep that’s right, each month you’ll receive a carefully curated box of Canadian artisan chocolates. Each box is a unique experience that features 5 different chocolate pieces in either bar-form, truffles, drinking chocolate etc. 

Included in the box are tasting notes so that you can learn about the chocolates and where they are from. I tried out the January box which featured chocolate from Ambrosia, Laura Slack, Shoko, ChocoSol and Mary’s Brigadeiro. All of them were very different which made for an exciting tasting journey experiencing different flavour profiles and styles. 

Choose from a single month box, 3 months or every month, there are many options to suit your level of chocolate aficionado status. 

This makes an excellent gift for chocolate lovers who want to explore the world of quality artisan chocolates. You won’t find any generic Lindt or Cadbury in these boxes; Cacao Avenue takes their chocolate boxes very seriously and only features the very best.

Cacao Avenue
Price Range: $48
Where to Purchase: subscribe on their website

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