Daits Bar

One of the most unique picks on my list are the gourmet dates from the new Daits Bar located at Saks Food Hall at the Eaton Centre.  Daits Bar has taken ‘nature’s candy’ to the next level by creating an array of indulgent fillings stuffed into fresh Sukkari dates.  The Sukkari dates are from Saudi Arabia and are much more plump, buttery and gooey than a Medjool date.  These dates will naturally satisfy your sweet tooth with no refined sugars. 

Owner and creator of Daits Bar is originally from Saudi Arabia where Sukkari dates are a common mid-day tradition among friends and family.  When she moved to Canada, she had hoped to carry on the tradition but Sukkari dates were nowhere to be found.  She began to order shipments of the dates and filled them up with nut butters and whole roasted nuts for an extra tasty treat. Eventually Daits Bar was born and she continues to carry on her family tradition here in Canada. 

A few of my favourites are the First Dait which is a date stuffed with roasted almonds, coated with almond butter and rolled in crispy feuillentine.  Seeds of Love is another favourite which is stuffed with walnuts, drizzled with honey, then sprinkled with fennel and nigella seeds. 

I am a huge fan of these dates and LOVE the cute chocolate covered dates and date pops they've released for Valentine's Day.  These are going to sell-out fast so be sure to get your date-fix ASAP!

Daits Bar
Price Range: $3-$30
Where to Purchase: Daits Bar is located inside Saks Food Hall at the Eaton Centre

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