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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eating healthy is made easy with the award winning farm and e-grocer, Fresh City Farms!

Fresh City Farms is Canada’s largest organic grocery and meal delivery company offering a variety of recipe kits, salad jars, smoothies, produce, fair trade coffee, local free-range eggs and more.  Their online grocery store is very user friendly and with just a few clicks, all of your organic goods are delivered right to your door.  You can expect fresh and local food that Fresh City Farms sources directly from over 80 different farmers and makers across Ontario as well as their two Toronto farm locations.

I have tried out Fresh City Farms Recipe Kits in the past (review found here) and had a great experience, so I was really excited to learn about the launch of their prepared fresh meals.  Their made-from-scratch organic meals are chef prepared, nutritionist approved and delivered across the GTA. “People want organic, local, and healthy food options,” said Fresh City CEO & Founder, Ran Goel, “but they’re also extremely busy. That’s why we created Fresh Meals. We do all the planning, shopping and preparing, and our members just heat and eat!”

The fresh meals are all vacuum-sealed in a glass jar and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Each jar contains a best before date which is usually about 4 to 5 days after you receive the jars.  Each jar is one portion but I was able to make two small meals out of each jar.  I was glad to see that the website lists all of the ingredients and nutrition information for each jar so I knew exactly what I was eating and how many calories it contained.  I ended up going with the three omnivore single jars which included the deconstructed salmon roll, pulled pork and cabbage and tempeh Buddha bowl.

The glass jars were neatly packed in reusable, insulated bags and nestled between some ice packs along with all of my other grocery items I ordered.  I was very impressed with the packaging and even more impressed that you can return the bags and jars to Fresh City Farms to avoid excess garbage/packaging. The fresh meal jars were really convenient and packed to the brim with healthy ingredients. I just poured it out into a bowl and heated it up for a few minutes. Everything was fresh, healthy and completely satisfying.  My favourite of the three jars was probably the salmon jar; I really loved the house-made Asian dressing and the wild salmon that comes from Skipper Otto, a Community Supported Fishery in BC.

If you’re a busy person looking for healthy meals to heat and enjoy, then Fresh City Farms is worth trying out.  I highly suggest ordering products from their online grocery store as well, especially if you want to make a big purchase and don’t have easy access to a farmers market or car.  I found some great items such as Yorkshire Valley Farms chicken breast, raw kale and lemon juice pulp crackers from Earth & City, Eden Organic red wine vinegar, Foxy Organic kale, Fair Trade bananas and much more.

If you’re interested in trying out Fresh City Farms, sign up today and receive $20 off your first order using the code: FRESHREADER. Don't forget to share your delicious meals online by tagging @freshcityfarms + #freshcityfarms .

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