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Friday, July 22, 2016

Pi Co. is the latest pizza joint in Toronto to offer classic Neapolitan pizza made RIGHT! The new Yorkville pizza spot serves up thin-crust pizza, twice baked Neapolitan pizza pockets and dessert pies such as the epic Nutella Marshmallow Graham Crumb Pi. All of the ingredients are fresh, the dough is handmade using flour from Italy AND the pizza takes only 90 seconds to cook in their 1000-degree oven.  Customers have the opportunity to craft their own pizza by picking the dough, cheese, sauce and a variety of unlimited toppings.

I had the chance to join world-renowned Master Pizzaolo, Giulio Adriani, at Pi Co. to learn all about the newly launched gluten-free pizza dough as well as craft my own pizza. The exclusive gluten-free dough took years to perfect and Giulio really put a lot of research and passion into creating quality gluten-free dough that doesn't taste like cardboard.  We watched Giulio work with the dough which wasn’t as stretchy as regular dough but still very manageable to work with.  He added the toppings and cooked it as he would a regular pizza and it came out looking identical.  After the first bite I thought that the dough tasted very similar to the regular pizza he had made.  The only difference was that the gluten-free dough was a bit chewier and light, but the texture and taste was spectacular. I'm not even sensitive to gluten but would buy the gluten-free pizza again, it's THAT good! 

After learning about the gluten-free dough, I crafted my own pizza which turned out quite nicely.  Apparently my dough stretching technique was on point and of course I loaded up with the toppings.  After 90 seconds my pizza was cooked and ready to be devoured! Giulio was really enthusiastic about sharing his love of pizza making with us, and it was a pleasure to learn from such a talented chef.

Gluten-Free Dough

Regular Dough

Pi Co. is definitely worth checking out as their pizza is always fast and free. The unlimited topping option is also very appealing with gourmet toppings such as truffle oil, roasted garlic, shaved asparagus, spicy soppressata and more. If you're not in the mood for pizza, there is a build-your-own salad bar or if you've got a sweet tooth there are a few dessert pockets to choose from.

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