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I think we can all agree that bacon should have its own food group.  There is no denying the fact that bacon tastes absolutely amazing, the smell of it makes you salivate and it really enhances every dish it touches.  If you're a bacon aficionado such as myself, you'll be happy to know that the Toronto restaurant, Rashers, has two locations in the city and deems themselves as the makers of quality bacon sandwiches!

The owner who hails from the UK wanted to introduce Canadians to the classic British sandwich he grew up eating otherwise known as the Bacon Butty. The butty consists of British-style rasher bacon served on white bread and topped with a homemade brown sauce. Rashers also serves up different cuts of bacon such as Canadian peameal, American strip bacon and British Rasher bacon and incorporates them in a variety of delectable sandwiches using an assortment of fresh breads.  

What I like most about Rashers is that they see bacon as a staple and not a trend.  They don’t want to get fancy with bacon and add it to cupcakes or lollipops; they want to use it AS its intended purpose, to make sandwiches taste AMAZING.

The menu is short and sweet and is catergorized into the basics, the classics, something more and spuds. Every sandwich on the menu sparked my interest but of course there is only so much bacon you can eat in one day.  Here is what we tried at the food blogger event I attended:

Bacon Burger - Ground beef & bacon patty, smoked strip bacon, lettuce, tomato & homemade chipotle mayo on a toasted bun - $11

Bacon Caesar - Smoked strip bacon, romaine lettuce, homemade caesar dressing & grated parmesan on a warm ciabatta - $9

Brie & Bacon - Smoked strip bacon, brie, caramelized onions & homemade garlic aioli on a warm bum - $10

Hogtown - Peameal bacon, fried egg and homemade ale mustard - $8

Apple & Maple Grilled Cheese - Maple glazed smoked strip bacon, cheddar and apple chutney on white bread - $9.50

 Bacon Butty - British style bacon, homemade brown sauce on white bread - $8

Handcut Wedges & Curly Fries - $4 each

I enjoyed all of the sandwiches I tried but if I had to pick my favourites it would be the Bacon Butty and the Apple & Maple Grilled Cheese.  The Butty is such a simple sandwich but it is unique in the sense that the style of bacon used is not readily available here in Canada.  The cut is essentially a loin roast with a bit of the belly attached.  It is full of flavour, tender and juicy and is piled high on white bread which absorbs the bacon juice and the delicious homemade brown sauce.  The Apple & Maple Grilled Cheese is the ideal sweet and salty sandwich. The homemade apple chutney paired with the cheddar and maple bacon is such a tasty combination. I liked that the chutney wasn’t too mushy and still had a bit of chunky apple in it.

Overall I had a great experience at Rashers and love the fact that whenever I am craving bacon (which is always) I can pop into Rashers and indulge in quality, flavourful pork.  There are two locations in Toronto, one at 182 Ossington Ave and the other at 948 Queen St E. A big thank you to the wonderful staff at Rashers and Vicky for hosting a great event


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