Boodles Gin

Thursday, June 23, 2016

When I think of gin, I usually think of brands such as Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire but recently I’ve been introduced to a proper British gin called Boodles.   Boodles is a balanced London Dry Gin infused with nine traditional herbs and spices including sage, nutmeg and rosemary and is clear in colour with strong legs and an aroma that contains fresh juniper notes.

Boodles Gin really is British in every sense as it is made from English winter wheat, is distilled in Cheshire, bottled in Essex and packaged in Scottish glass.  Every batch is carefully orchestrated so that quality and taste are exceptional.

Whenever I drink gin I have a hard time figuring out what to mix it with as the taste can be too ‘junipery’ for me.  But with Boodles the taste is very balanced, light and refreshing and mixes perfectly with tonic water.  Of course you can experiment with boodles as there are many unique recipes that work well with this quality of gin, or you can make the perfect summer sipper by adding cucumber...recipe below!

Boodles & Tonic with a Splash of Cucumber
1 oz Boodles Gin
2 oz Fever-Tree Tonic Water
2-3 slices of cucumber
Ice Cubes

In a tumbler, add a handful of ice.  Pour Boodles Gin and tonic into the tumbler, then stir. Add cucumber slices and mix around so the flavours meld together.  Enjoy!

From June 21st to July 31st you can enter to win a 'butler for a week’ with Boodles.  Visit and correctly answer a mathematical question for your chance to win.  The Boodles Butler will be on hand to perform any grueling task, from polishing shoes and ironing shirts, to mixing up the perfect Boodles and Tonic.
Share your Boodles experience by using the hashtag #SendForBoodles and by following @boodlesgin on Twitter and Instagram.

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