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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Food delivery has come a long way since the days of only being able to order pizza or Chinese food from a few chain restaurants.  Today, there are so many options available to those who want to have hot food delivered to their doorsteps.  Services such as Just Eat and UberEATS have joined up with a multitude of restaurants in Toronto to provide hungry customers with an array of cuisines at the click of a button.

UberEats has been around for a few months now and first started off with an ‘instant lunch delivery service’.  The service is connected to your Uber app, making it easy to connect and browse through the 4 to 6 lunch delivery options of the day.  Within 10 minutes, your prepared lunch is delivered to you curb-side and charged to your Uber account. Shortly after the launch of the Uber lunch delivery service, UberEats was announced.

UberEats provides you with a wide selection of full menu items from 100+ local restaurants and is available from 10 am - 10 pm, seven days a week.  The impressive app will locate your location, formulate a list of restaurants that deliver to your area, estimate the delivery time, and provide menus of the items available.

I tried the new UberEats app at work and my first impression was that the app had an excellent list of notable Toronto restaurants. Some of the restaurants feature their full menu, while others just offer some of their most popular items.  Whatever you’re in the mood for though, the app has something geared toward your craving.

I ended up going with a huge salad from Oats & Ivy.  The salad was about $11.99 plus there was an automatic delivery charge of $4.99.  After submitting the order, I received a confirmation response within a few minutes letting me know that the restaurant was preparing my salad and that it would be sent out with a driver shortly.  Once the driver had picked up the salad, I could follow his route on Uber to find out when it would arrive.  It took about 40 mins from placing the order to receiving it, which was quite reasonable. The service was quick and efficient and my food was well-prepared and tasty. It was nice to try out a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to without actually visiting it, although I would gladly make my way to the restaurant to dine in now that I know the food is delicious.

My experience so far has been great with UberEats, but I only use it in dire situations.  It can get very pricey especially with the $4.99 delivery charge and if you’re placing just one order for yourself.  It would be ideal to use UberEats with other people so that everyone can split the delivery charge and have an awesome meal together.  I find myself using the instant delivery lunch option more often since the delivery is included in the food price and most items always range from about 8 to 13 dollars. It is important to note that UberEats will deliver to a wide range of areas in the GTA but the ‘Uber Instant Lunch’ service is only available in the highlighted areas:

Download the UberEats app now and receive $10 off your first order - https://ubereats.com/toronto/

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