Kintori Yakitori

Thursday, January 21, 2016

After my excellent dining experience last month at Kinka Izayaka, I got the chance to try out another Kinka Family establishment called Kintori Yakitori.  Kintori Yakitori is located in Koreatown and is situated on the second level of Kinton Ramen, another Kinka Family restaurant. 

Although Yakitori is translated to grilled chicken, which is what they are known for, you can try many different kinds of meat and vegetables at Kintori.  All of the skewers are traditional Yakitori grilled over binchotan charcoal imported from Japan. The unique charcoal is essential in Japanese grilled cuisine because it burns at a very low temperatures and does not produce smoke or unpleasant odours that could potentially alter the taste of the food. The perfect grilling conditions is what makes the fine quality of meats and vegetables at Kintori taste so damn good.

The menu is separated by Yakitori items, Tapas, Hot Dishes, Rice and Noodles and Drinks.  The Yakitori section is the largest with many different types of skewers to choose from. The skewers are fairly cheap starting at $1.80 per skewer and climbing to $8.80 which is for the wagyu beef.  The menu also has some items that can found at Kinka Izayaka such as the signature fried chicken and miso marinated black cod. You can also order ramen from the downstairs establishment. The options are endless.

Here’s what I tried:

Original Chicken Broth

Oshinko Moriawase - Assorted Japanese Pickles - $3.80

Negima - Chicken Thigh & Scallion - $1.80

Zuri - Chicken Gizzard - $1.80

Nikumiso Kyabetsu - Cabbage Salad with Chicken Miso Dip

Tebasaki - Chicken Wing - $1.80

Uzura Kushi Age - Panko Fried Quail Eggs

Premium Gyu-Tongue - Beef Tongue - $3.80

Tsukune - Chicken Meatball - $1.80

Hatsu - Chicken Heart - $1.80

Reba - Chicken Liver - $1.80

Asparagus - Deep Fried Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon

Negi Shio Gyu - Beef with Scallion Sauce - $3.20

Houji Cha Creme Brulee - Roasted Green Tea Creme Brulee - $5

My favourites of the night were the Chicken Wing, Chicken Meatball, Assorted Pickles, Beef Tongue and Crème Brulee.  The chicken wing and meatball were both cooked to perfection and the meat was very juicy and full of flavour.  The assorted pickles were just some pickled cucumbers, burdock root and pickled lettuce/cabbage but it was a nice dish to clear and refresh the palette. The beef tongue was thinly sliced and tasted excellent with a spritz of lemon juice to enhance it's grilled flavours. The crème brulee was a big A+ as I am very picky when it comes to crème brulee.  Luckily this one was unique with its prominent green tea flavour and the right amount of sweetness and burnt crust. My least favourite items were the organs but that's only because I don't eat them in general.  Friends at my table really enjoyed the hearts though and said they were really tasty and well-done.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Kintori Yakitori and will be back soon to try out other Yakitori skewers such as the pork belly, chicken skin, eel, and lamb! I also can't wait to try out the ramen at Kinton which is below Kintori as I have only heard excellent things about their authentic broth. 

Thank you to Stella and all of the Kinka Family for the invite!

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