Sweet Jesus

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Sweet Jesus opened up a few months ago and Toronto foodies lost their shit.  For some reason everyone in Toronto has a ‘thing’ for trendy ice cream spots, and so crowds that usually line up at Bang Bang Ice Cream made their way to the Entertainment District to check out the latest venture brought to you by the owners of La Carnita and Home of the Brave.

I went on a Wednesday evening and the line-up wasn't too long. Staff came outside to give us menus so that we could order before entering.  The menu had a selection of coffee/espresso beverages, churros and paletas (Mexican popsicles) but the main reason people were waiting was for the soft serve ice cream creations. There are six flavours of soft serve available that you can order 'undressed' or you can opt for one of the 12 'pimped out' cones created by the folks at Sweet Jesus.

The visually appealing cones that everyone and their grandmas have to snap before eating come in all sizes and texturally funky shapes.  Krusty the Cone looked gigantic thanks to the cotton candy pasted to the side of the cone but I knew it would be quite the challenge to eat so I went for the PBC which was peanut butter sauce, crumbled toasted salted peanuts and chocolate soft serve. My sister went for the Rocky Road Rage which was burnt marshmallow and chocolate twist soft serve, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and walnut cashew crumble. Our cones cost $6.80 each which I found to be kind of steep considering after mowing down on the toppings you were just left with a regular ice cream cone. I still thoroughly enjoyed mine but it's not something I would purchase on the regular.

The shop is very tiny so you can't really sit down and chill out here.  It’s more of a walk in and GTFO place so I advise you find a nice curb or bench to enjoy your cone on. You may also want to take one of the cups on the counter to dump your cone into as the toppings start to crumble off after the first bite.

Everyone needs some 'Sweet Jesus' in their life (some more than others) so make sure you stop by and try out a cone before the winter months arrive. Luckily La Carnita has opened up another location next door so you can warm up with some Mexican eats if ice cream in -15 weather isn't your thing.

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