Drinking Guide to Toronto

Friday, February 13, 2015

Almost everyone that likes to go out and party appreciates a good, quality drink. For a long while, USA and Canada have been infamous for their poor beer and wine offer. For example, if you go to South Europe, it is almost impossible for you to drink a bad wine. It’s the same story with the beer in Central Europe. No wonder that Europeans frowned, for such a long time, at the offer that North America has. In a situation where an individual likes to go to the bar or to the club primarily to drink, and when that same bar has bad choice of alcohol, it is obvious that he will find some other place to visit. Luckily for Toronto, it changed its ways in the recent decades. Like many other cities in Canada and America nowadays, it is much easier to get any type of high quality beverage in this beautiful city.

Toronto is known for its industry and commerce. It was like this since the first settlements were created on this territory. Same with the industry, a large number of local bars started appearing. They were mostly situated around the industrial complexes and warehouses, in order for the workers to have an easy access to them.

One thing that Toronto is good at is its cocktail offer. It has been like this for quite a long time. Again, similarly to their southern neighbors, this is an aspect of the night life in which they excel. Even if we exclude all your standard cocktails, which you can find in every bigger city in the world, there are numerous local types and mixtures that are characteristic only in this city. The place which will sweep you off your feet is one of the best lounges in Toronto named D.W. Alexander. Some of the best cocktails that you can try in Toronto are made in this lounge. The interior and the atmosphere can only improve the overall drinking experience and make you an instant fan of this establishment. This is a great example of a bar that gives you an authentic taste of good, local drinks.

Big impact of the globalization on Canada can be viewed through their alcohol offer. As previously mentioned, until recently, North America didn't have good exposure to foreign brands. Lately, there are more and more foreign beers (by that I mean quality beers) as well as wine. This small revolution led to a big number of local bars that serve only one of these alcohols, in some cases together with a good menu. It is a commonplace to see mini breweries all over the city. We can recommend Toronto to all the people who like to have a cold one during a warm summer day.

Currently, one of the best places to visit in Canada is definitely Toronto. Great night life, lots of different social and cultural events, as well as good alcohol offer, makes it a great destination for all of you that like to have a good weekend.



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