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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Who would've thought that the large marine crustacean once deemed as ‘a disgusting bottom feeder’ and only eaten by the poor would climb it’s way up the social ladder to become a true delicacy, a fancy meal, a ‘Just got paid’ kind of dish.  Lobster in this day and age is a luxury and while I’m reluctant to cook it myself, there is a number of worthy seafood restaurants in the city that serve up the real deal. One new place that takes lobster to the next level is the newly opened Lobster Monster in the Yonge and Lawrence area.

Owner’s Steve and Marianne Woo are passionate about lobster and aren't afraid to get down and dirty with the clawed creatures. They incorporate the succulent meat in a variety of comfort food items creating some classic dishes such as lobster mac and cheese and lobster grilled cheese . You can also order lobster in the old-fashioned way where it is steamed in boiling salt water.

I arrived at Lobster Monster with a moderate appetite and left in a serious food coma.  Marianne reminded me of my mother as she was very proud of her cooking and wanted to make sure that I was completely satisfied with my meal.  Every now and then she would come out from the kitchen and chat with the customers which really added to the dining experience, it felt like she had invited us to her home for dinner.

We started the night off with a pint of beer and a bowl of clam chowder and lobster bisque.  Both items were piping hot and served with biscuits and garlic bread. I really liked the clam chowder because of the rich flavour and heaps of baby clams and potatoes in the mix. The lobster bisque was just as good and was the perfect bowl of comfort for the chilly evening.  At this point I already felt the food coma kicking in…

Lobster Bisque & Clam Chowder - $7 for a cup

Next up was the bruschetta which was incredibly fresh.  The bread was very soft and the homemade tomato mix on top was delicious. 

Bruschetta - 4 for $6

Next item was the lobster spring rolls. These look like a traditional spring roll but were stuffed with chunks of lobster and veggies.  They were quite tasty but you really do need the homemade voodoo dipping sauce that they come with, its sweet, spicy and tangy!

Lobster Spring Rolls - $10

Then it was time for the lobster mac and cheese, one of my favourite items! Marianne brought out this huge bowl of it and I looked at it with fear and love.  I ate the entire bowl of this creamy pasta and loved the tender chunks of lobster meat with it.

Lobster White Mac & Cheese - $15

Next was the traditional lobster poutine and the poutine topped with clam chowder.  How I was still alive at this point is a miracle but then again poutine is my weakness.  Both poutines were pretty decent, I liked the traditional much better than the clam chowder poutine only because the chowder one was quite hearty.

Lobster Poutine and Clam Chowder Poutine - $16

Marianne tried to hint at some dessert from their list of homemade desserts but unfortunately I couldn't fit it in my already expanded stomach.  There were some tempting desserts though that I will have to try next time.

I loved the experience at Lobster Monster and will be making my way back soon for a proper lobster meal, bib and all.

For the full menu and location check out the Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (lobstermon) pages.

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