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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday Dinette is a modern diner that opened up in the Riverdale/Leslieville area a few months ago.  The diner offers a healthier take on classic comfort foods with dishes that incorporate local and worldly produce. Owner/chef Suzanne Barr has always been an avid foodie and has spent many years working in New York as a sous chef and vegan baker. She served as the executive chef for the raw-food supper club The New Deal, worked across the world as a private chef, launched Pepper andSprout Food a platform to educate and promote healthy food choices, and now opening her ideal restaurant, Saturday Dinette.

The small diner seats 30 making the ambiance quite intimate and cozy. The space is littered with feminine art, vintage kitchen equipment, old-school vinyl and lovely hanging light bulbs strung across the ceiling. The creativity and flair is fluent throughout the diner which truly makes Saturday Dinette a welcoming neighbourhood gem. The diner has also implemented a great employment programme for staffing women from the YMCA Toronto who have an interest in the restaurant industry.

The food at Saturday Dinette ranges from ribs and burgers for the meat lovers and millet burgers and blackened tofu for the vegetarians.  Comfort foods such as beef brisket, savoury baked pies and liver & onions are some local favourites. Fries are not an option at this diner instead you can order candied plantains, polenta cakes, roasted vegetables or herbed smashed potatoes to accompany your meal.  Saturday dinette also serves cocktails, local beers and wine. 

I sampled some of the dishes during the opening of Saturday Dinette and everything was loaded with impeccable flavour. I was really impressed with the creativity that went into each dish and would love to go back to try some of the other menu items that Suzanne has created.

Tarragon Polenta Cake

Zucchini Latkes with Pear Compote and Sour Cream

Fatty Sticky Ribs with Toasted Sesame and Green Papaya Slaw

80/20 Beef Lamb Burger  – Two Patties, Beet Mayo, Daikon Slaw and Candied Plaintains

Cardamom Chocolate Bark with Sweet + Salted Popcorn

Saturday Dinette is open for lunch and dinner, with brunch service on the weekends.

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