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Friday, July 04, 2014

Vegetarians, Vegans and those who just like to have a ‘meat-less’ meal every now and then need to get acquainted with the friendly vegetarian butcher shop, YamChops, that just opened up in Toronto.

YamChops carries a variety of plant-based proteins, fresh juices, salads and other prepared foods that are healthy, flavourful and very creative! Their shop which is located at 705 College St is beautifully designed and allows customers to easily view all of the prepared foods available at the butcher counter. There are also canned, frozen and packaged items at the back of the store with many of the items being the YamChop brand. 

If you can't make it in to the store, no worries. YamChops offers delivery of their lunch boxes, fresh juices and butcher counter items. The butcher counter items are sold in 100 gram measures and there are a lot of prepared salads and proteins to choose from.  You can also purchase prepared lunch boxes for delivery to your home or office as long as you live in the delivery ‘zone’. Just pick which day of the week you want your lunch box to be delivered on and place the order the day before.  This is a great service for work meeting's or if you have a busy week ahead with no time to prepare a satisfying meat-free meal.

I had the opportunity to try out quite a variety of items from YamChops and was surprised to see that they offer so much more items that I am eager to try out. The Coconut Ba-Con and the Kale Caesar Salad are on my radar and luckily I don’t work too far from YamChops so I will definitely be popping by on my lunch.

The first item I tried was the Szechuan Vegetable Empanadas with Cashew Sour Cream.  The empanada's change daily but are available in the lunch box delivery and comes with a mixed green salad. The empanada's were stuffed with mildly flavoured vegetables that didn't really taste like Szechuan. They were good but would've been better with a spicier kick.

Next up was the Raw Pad Thai box which is a mixture of spiralized carrots, zucchini, beets, bean sprouts, nuts, seeds and house-made Pad Thai dressing. This lunch box is gluten-free, vegan and raw and probably one of my fav raw dishes ever.  The crunchy vegetables were fresh and plentiful and the nutty tasting Pad Thai dressing was thick and tasty! This box was very filling & satisfying, a clever take on Pad Thai.

Next were some of the prepared items: Tuna-less Tuna, Mongolian ‘Beef’, Chick’N Salad with Cashew GadoGado Sauce and Chick N Shawarma.  My fav's were the Mongolian Beef and Chick N Shawarma! The 'beef' is one of the most popular items at YamChops and I completely understand why.  The ‘beef’ is miraculously tender, it's as if you were eating a medium-rare piece of beef.  The Mongolian sauce was flavourful and tasted exactly like an authentic Mongolian beef sauce.  This would taste perfect in a stir-fry with some broccoli! 

The Chick N Shawarma was really good too and would taste great slathered up with with some cashew cream tzatiki (amazing btw) in a pita with some cucumbers and onions.

YamChops is a unique shop that offers creative meals for vegans, vegetarians or anyone who is interested in exploring the alternative options to meat.  You’ll be amazed by the different sorts of plant-based proteins out there and the exciting meals that owners Michael and Jesse have whipped up. Be sure to drop by YamChops if you’re in the area and discover what makes this vegetarian butcher shop so innovative!

Follow YamChops on Twitter to stay informed about new offerings at the shop! 

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  2. Love the name Yamchops! The food looks great. I used to go to a similar vegetarian shop in Singapore where they had meatless versions of all sorts of food.

  3. Looks like a terrific place! Thanks for the heads up.


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