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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Did you attend CraveTO last week? I did and I wanted to share some highlights with you all. Also if you missed the event, CraveTO is back on June 26th at Honest Ed's for more foodie fun. 

My highlights:

Pierogi's are little magical dough pockets that are stuffed with all sorts of wonderful fillings.   I could eat pierogis all day everyday if it was acceptable and readily available to me haha. I usually order pierogis at any restaurant that has them, but have never heard of the saucy pierogi until this event.  I ordered 'The Gravy Train' which is braised beef pierogi's topped with gravy, parsley and a homemade pickle.  This was the first meat-filled pierogi I've ever had and I was in lovvvvvve!! Such tender beef inside a perfect shaped pierogi!  My sister had the original which has a cheddar and potato filling topped with cheese sauce, sour cream and bacon. Next time I run into the Saucy Pierogi I will definitely be testing out their jerk chicken version.

This was my first time trying Hogtown Brewers and I’m super glad I did.  I tried their HogTown Kolsch Ale which is now my new fav summer time beer! It is described as "a delicate blonde ale inspired by the wonderful beers brewed in the German city of Cologne. This is a Kolsch-style beer with a strong malt backbone, nice floral aroma and a lingering hoppy bite". You can grab these at the LCBO for $2.75 a tall can.

I saw a person leaving this booth and was intrigued by what he had in his hand.  It was a brown paper bag filled with something that seemed crunchy.  I walked over to the booth and found out that he was snacking on some BBQ Brussel Crisps...damn!! The brussel sprouts are seasoned with a homemade seasoning and then made crispy! I can’t even believe how delicious they were! I tried a handful as a sample and then bought a bag to snack on.  Move over kale chips, brussel crisps are taking over!! I can’t wait to try out the other items this shop on 1255 Dundas Street. W. has to offer.  All healthy vegetarian goods!!

These guys have a rad name and cupcakes that will blow your mind. They were selling mini cupcakes for $1 and the flavours were pretty unique.  I tried the Banana Colada and Great Canadian Mancake, both the perfect bite sized cake packed with flavour. The Sassy Lamb unfortunately doesn't have a store location but you can order their cupcakes, cookies, cakes and cake-pops online at:

All Torontonians have a bit of a love affair with Pizza Libretto so I was excited to see what they would be cooking up at CraveTO.  They had mini deep fried pizzas topped with a creamed mozzarella sauce and some slightly spicy goodness.  These were quite small and light and I kind of wished they were a bit bigger because they were super delicious.

I had a great time gallivanting around Wychwood Barns enjoying the first summer patio session thanks to CraveTO.  The music was fantastic, food was reasonably priced & delicious and the outdoor venue was perfect.  If you missed this event, you’re in luck because CraveTO is back on June 26th at Honest Ed’s!!! 

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  1. Oh wish I was in TO to enjoy this event, very curious about the BBQ Brussel Crisps!

  2. Next year I'm there :)
    Sounds and looks like great fun!


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