Burger Wars: Holy Chuck vs. Burger's Priest

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There are many things I truly love in this world and a big fat juicy burger is one of them. During the ‘burger craze’ that is currently bombarding our city, I find myself eating way too many burgers at a bunch of mediocre burger joints. The hype around burgers that contain 6 patties buried between grilled cheese sandwiches and then wrapped in bacon is not my burger style at all. I’m a plain jane burger gal that likes a simple burger with the importance being focused on the quality of meat and the bun. There are a lot of places that have amazing burger's in Toronto but I find myself frequenting two spots that always satisfy my burger craving, Burger's Priest and Holy Chuck. I like these places because they have a kick ass version of the ‘Big Mac’ and because the beef just melts in your mouth…and the grease on your shirt (#teamClumsy)

I’m not going to compare the two restaurants because they both have different menus with lots of insane burgers and other crazy items (especially Holy Chuck…deep fried twinkies and bacon milkshakes is a death wish) but I am going to compare my fav burger since they both do it SO well….I love me a big mac but Burger’s Priest version the High Priest and Holy Chuck’s version the Big Chuck are unbeatable!

Holy Chuck - http://holychuckburgers.com/
The Big Chuck
Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese between a toasted bun

First of all I want to say that eleven dollars for a burger with no fries or drink is a little insane but after eating it I was so satisfied that I've spent that eleven dollars many times since my first encounter.  At first glance I thought the burger looked pretty big but I was able to finish the whole thing with some heavy breathing in-between. The beef was incredibly juicy and each bite was full of sauce, cheese, meat, lettuce and bun.  It wasn't falling apart like some burgers do.  The special sauce was perfect and tasted like a better quality of big mac sauce.  The bun was fresh and soft and a perfect size to accompany the patties.  There is nothing worse than a big fat bun and a small patty, such a piss off.  Overall this burger was pretty much amazing and is now a staple in my burger rotation.

Burger Juiciness: 4/5
Burger Bun: 4/5
Burger Flavour: 3.5/5
Burger Value: 3/5
Messy Factor: 4/5
The High Priest
No description on the site but it’s basically the same toppings as the Holy Chuck burger.

Again the $10 dollars is just for the burger, no fries or drink.  This burger was originally on the ‘secret menu’ but it's so popular now that it’s on the regular menu.  Why was there even a secret menu to begin with? Anyway, this burger was about the same size as the Holy Chuck burger but a little bit more sloppy thanks to the juice and grease dripping out of this burger.  This is where my dilemma kicks in.  First bite was amazing, so much flavour and juicy beef goodness, it definitely tasted better than the holy chuck version but its because of the grease!!! My hands were soaked with burger juice lol and also because of the juices it made some of the toppings slide off and things got messy. However, I did swallow this burger within a few minutes and was super satisfied regardless of the mess. 

Burger Juiciness: 5/5
Burger Bun: 4/5
Burger Flavour: 4/5
Burger Value: 3/5
Messy Factor: 5/5

Both burgers obviously kill a wimpy McDonald's Big Mac but my vote is going to Burger’s Priest mainly because the flavour was marginally better than Holy Chuck.  Both places are amazing though, a must try for any burger lover's out there!

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