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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Juicing is so trendy right now that you can find a new juice-bar popping up on every corner of the city.  Luckily I am a bit of a 'juicie' (making up words here), so I like to try out all of the new spots and then figure out which places will become my go-to juice joints. With The Good Press opening up in my neighbourhood, I was super excited to see what this place had to offer.

I arrived at the Good Press around 10 am and the place was buzzing with health-conscious foodies testing out all of the yummy juices available. The inside is beautifully designed and allows you to see the juice-pressing operation first-hand, along with some mighty fine bearded staff members. The menu is beautifully displayed on a large clear board right near the counter so you won't have any troubles in figuring out what the Good Press has to offer.  The only trouble you may encounter is deciding on what to order as the options are endless and all sound equally enticing!

I went to the counter and met Andrew & Leila who spoke to me about their juice offerings and how they come up with the ideas for what blends of fruit and veggie work best. They were super friendly and passionate about beneficial juicing which is key in choosing where I’ll purchase my juices.  I want to buy juices that are made with careful consideration and planning, not just a mixture of whatever produce was on sale and thrown into a juicer in hopes that it tastes decent.  I ended up sampling a few of the all-green juices which were earthy and refreshing and a few of the more fruity ones like Beets, Lime and Life and Ruby Tuesday, both incredible! My fav by far though was the chocolate milk which was a blend of activated cashews, b-grade maple syrup, dates, pure vanilla extract and chocosol cacao nibs. It was so creamy with the most perfect hint of cacao flavor...a definite must try!

After getting fresh off the juices, I decided to try one of their acai puree bowls. I went with the beauty bowl which is a mixture of acai puree blended with banana and avocado and topped with coconut flakes, superfood granola and seasonal fruit. This bowl was SO damn good!! The creaminess of the avocado topped with the crunchy granola and fresh fruit was heavenly! I also loved that this bowl was very filling but very light, the perfect combo.

Overall my experience at The Good Press was excellent and NOT ONLY do they offer fresh cold-pressed juices made from local and organic ingredients but they also carry energy shots, acai puree fruit bowls, salads and house-made nut milks. Along with a great menu, The Good Press also have amazing staff. I was really taken away by the friendless and fun nature of everyone especially being located in Yorkville. I have had my experience of walking into stores and not even being greeted, but I promise you that The Good Press has a welcoming atmosphere and everyone is more than willing to help you find which juice is right for you.  They are knowledgeable and passionate and I’m extremely happy that The Good Press has graced Yorkville!

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  1. I was sure it was a coffee house first lol. but it looks like an awesome juice bar and the staff very friendly. The chocolate milk sound divine.

  2. a very informative and great post as always,thanks for sharing :-)


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