Carlsberg St. Party's Day

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hi All.

I have been MIA for awhile due to work/school and basically just LIFE. My first post back is a good one because it’s about St. Patrick’s Day debauchery!! The one day a year where everyone celebrates like they are Irish, and the actual Irish look at us like we are crazy Canadians.  I do think Canadians go overboard with celebrating St. Patrick’s day, but then again we will use any excuse to go out drinking so it doesn't really surprise me.  The festivities in Toronto are always lavish and fun and the magnificent outfits that people put together are quite the sight to see. 

If you’re going out this weekend to celebrate, I suggest you check out the biggest St.Patrick’s day event in Toronto, the 4th Annual Carlsberg St. Party’s Day!

What is Carlsberg St. Party’s Day?
Carlsberg St. Party’s Day is Canada’s largest, weekend long, authentic St. Patrick’s Day festival. Thousands of people from different backgrounds come together for a weekend-long celebration of friendship, culture, live music and most of all, unpretentious fun.
What some of you may refer to as St. Patrick’s Day is now commonly being referred to as St. Party’s Day. In 2011 the first ever St. Party’s Day celebration was born when 3000+ people attended in Toronto, ON at the historical St. Lawrence Market. Event goers and members of the community came together and signed a petition for St. Party’s Day to become a statutory holiday which created a huge buzz around town. 2012 and 2013 each played host to over 8,000 patrons celebrating the fast growing, authentic Irish holiday, and St. Party’s is back with its new partner, Carlsberg, for another year of the best celebrations in the country

Where is Carlsberg St. Party’s Day?
Andrew Richard Designs
571 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1N8

Dates: Friday, Mar. 14, Saturday, Mar. 15 & Sunday Mar. 16 2014

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  1. Welcome back, Natalie!
    This St. Patrick's celebration pounds like great fun.


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