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Sunday, September 08, 2013

I am always on the lookout for affordable catering options throughout the Greater Toronto Area and majority of the catering companies I stumble across are VERY expensive for the portions received.  Whenever I look at the bill after a small catering event at work for around 10-15 people I cringe at the price and think about how I could go home and make all of that food for half the cost. Maybe I should start my own catering business right?  With all of the endless catering options in Toronto I never really thought about the affordable and healthy catering that Subway Canada has to offer.

Subway Canada offers catering options for small gatherings such as office meetings or sports gatherings to large events with hundreds of guests.  Subway can customize your order to exactly what you want all while providing great convenience and customer service along the way.  You can create and build your order online to the exact way you want it by choosing your bread, toppings and any other special requests you may have. Subway Caters offers a wide variety of options from sandwich platters, meat and cheese trays, 3-foot and 6-foot giant sub, salads, chips, cookies and beverages. They even have a SUBWAY TO GO option which is an individualized to-go box that includes a 6 inch sub, chips and a cookie, a great take-away option for business meetings or field trips.

If you’re having troubles trying to figuring out how much food you shoulder order you can refer to this recommendation guide or call one of the subway locations nearest you for some friendly input.

Here are some recommendations based on your group size: 

 5 – 9 people: Sandwich platter or SUBWAY to GO!™ meals (one per person).

10–12 people: Two sandwich platters, a meat & cheese tray, a 3-foot Giant Sub* or SUBWAY to GO!™ meals (one per person).

20–25 people: Four sandwich platters, two meat & cheese trays, 6-foot Giant Sub* or SUBWAY to GO!™ meals (one per person).

For a great value Subway Caters will provide you with a healthy meal with seamless convenience and assistance. Start building your order online for the next birthday, meeting, or simple gathering that is coming up:

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  1. You probably should start your own catering business! Subway is a pretty decent chain for sandwiches - good quality at a fair price. Good idea to have them cater an office function!

  2. Maybe you SHOULD start your own catering business. I bet it is hard work though! :)

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  4. Catering is I won't suggest that you should start your own..unless you are interested in it.

  5. Great prices but not a Subway fan so much. A homemade catered lunch by you, now that is another story ;-)

  6. I wish you would start your own, catering is so hard but worth it! :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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