Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival at Sugar beach.  The Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival takes place annually and is Toronto’s first outdoor wine and spirit sampling event. The Festival covers a wide range of beverages such as wine, spirits, beer, cider, and coolers. There is something available for every palate. The Festival also brings out local restaurants and chefs who serve up gourmet creations that pair beautifully with the variety of libations that are available throughout the show.

This festival is similar to the many Beer Festival events I have attended where you receive a sampling glass upon entry and visit all of the different booths showcasing their different type of beers. 

Some of my highlights:

Sobeys Urban Fresh had a large booth set-up showcasing some of their Compliments brand cheeses.  I discovered a delicious applewood smoked cheddar made with unpasteurized whole milk and naturally smoked for six hours on all sides with applewood chips for a full infusion of flavour.  In general I am a picky cheese eater so it's hard for me to come across a cheese that I really love.  Well this cheese has won me over.  I probably ate 30 chunks of it at the booth, I kind of would walk by every 25 minutes and down 3 to 4 pieces lol It really is amazing and I can only imagine how good a slice of this would be on a big juicy burger!  Will be testing that out soon.

Magic Moments Vodka: This brand of vodka is 100% gluten-free, made from 100% rice grain, contains no artificial flavours or preservatives and come in 3 awesome flavours.  There was chocolate, lemongrass & ginger and raspberry.  I ended up trying the chocolate vodka straight with a bit of ice and it was incredible.  The chocolate taste was very cocoa-beanish and it was very smooth tasting.  I probably couldn't drink too much of it because it was fairly sweet, but overall a very nice vodka if you want to make some chocolate martinis. Plus this company is Canadian so that makes them naturally awesome.

Amsterdam Brewery Orange Weisse Summer White: If you like wheat beers then this one is a refreshing treat. Predominantly brewed with un-malted wheat which gives it a hazy appearance and the addition of two types of orange peel, some coriander, and a touch of anise. The result is a unique flavour combination of citrus and light spice. Perfect patio or BBQ beer!

Magic Oven: I have heard of the Magic Oven restaurant but this was my first time trying out their food.  Magic Oven serves a selection of healthy pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. Their pizzas can be made to accommodate a variety of dietary concerns - they offer organic spelt pizzas, gluten-free rice flour pizzas and the option of vegan or lactose-free cheese.

I was hoping to try out their famous pizza but they only had veggie samosas to serve up. Of course I had 2 of them which were absolutely delicious!

Cant wait to visit this restaurant and try out more of their food.

Granville Island Robson Street HefeweizenThis unfiltered wheat ale is a West Coast favourite. Enjoy Robson St Hefeweizen chilled in a tall, slim glass with a lemon wedge to enhance the natural fruit flavours of this refreshing beer. This beer was probably my favourite of all the sampling I did.  It had a hint of banana to it which made it so yummy, this is definitely my beer of choice for this summer.

Pommies Dry Cider: Pommies is made from 100% heritage apples and offers a waterfall of taste, clarity and refreshment. Pommies takes pride in providing the most enjoyable drinking experience for anyone who is disillusioned with the same old coolers and beer. At 5% alcohol, Pommies Dry is quite simply…Country Cool…and appeals to anyone striving for both quality and substance.

I actually sampled Pommies awhile back when I received this lovely 4-pack of the cider.  At first glance I thought that the bottles were SO CUTE (sucker for good packaging) and was excited to try them out.  I usually am picky with my cider as I find a lot of them are way too sweet.  Luckily this cider was SUPER refreshing, light and crisp.  It was really easy to drink and I actually wasn't sick of them at all (even after the 3rd bottle) This would be an excellent cider to cook with and i'm excited to try out some of the recipes from their website. 

Overall this was an excellent event that I hope to attend every year! For more information about the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival please visit:

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  1. Looked like fun!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. That looks like a blast! I wish there were some food festivals around here because it's a great way to try new foods!

  3. Are these drinks all available at the LCBO?

  4. yummm looks like fun, def my kinda festival lol

  5. Dear Natalie, This event is a foodie dream!! I would have walked past the cheese place at least 10 times!
    I am so glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather with fun events. blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. I so need to visit Toronto. I love all of Canada, but that's one city I just haven't made it to yet. Well, unless you count one night in a hotel after missing a connection flight. But I don't count that at all. LOL


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