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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am a cookie fanatic and I think most people can relate to this.  I usually have a hard time finding cookies to buy that are healthy but I did find a few that Ill be sharing with you throughout the next couple of weeks.  The first company I came across is New Moon Kitchen who make some delicious all-natural baked goods.

New Moon Kitchen’s cookies are available only in Canada at the moment but I am hoping they will venture off to the States as they are such an amazing company with a great variety of cookie flavors.  These cookies have been around since 1997 with quality ingredients being their first priority!

New Moon’s mission is to make people happy; from the bakers that mix the dough’s, to the folks that eat the cookies, and in between – all the people that make it possible for a business to succeed in the world.

So why are these cookies so special?
These cookies are made with 100% Organic Spelt Flour, Dairy & Egg Free, Peanut & Nut Free, No Preservatives, Vegan, Trans-Fat Free, Kosher Pareve.

I received samples of their Chocolate Chip, Bite me (oatmeal, seeds, raisins), Momints (dark cocoa with peppermint leaves), Ginger Snappers, and Goldie’s (oatmeal).

Because I had so many cookies to test out we had a little taste-testing party here at work where some of the girls tested out bites of each cookie and provided some honest feedback.

Everyone really loved the Momints the best because of the fresh mint leaves baked right into the cookies.  It was the perfect balance of chocolate and mint and actually was a satisfying yet refreshing cookie. They remind me of the mint Girl Guide cookies which I am obsessed with!

The Ginger Snappers were second favourite because of the lovely ginger flavor and crunchy texture.  They paired well with a nice cup of tea or coffee.  A dipping cookie for sure! You cannot tell that these cookies have no dairy in them!

The Bite Me cookies were really filling because of all of the oatmeal, seeds and raisins.  They were a nice hearty cookie and would be the perfect snack to pack on a nice hiking trip or bike ride. The seeds and oatmeal help to maintain some good energy throughout the day.

The Chocolate Chip was good but I found that there wasn't enough chocolate chips in them which is a bit of a draw back for me.

The Goldies oatmeal cookie was rather plain, but still great for an all-natural cookie!

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly and all-natural cookie then please try out these wonderful cookies by New Moon Kitchen!

To find out where you can purchase these cookies, go here:

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  1. Havent seen these.. will keep out eye out for them...

  2. MMmm I LOVE these cookies. I remember enjoying them when I used to live in Canada. Such great cookies =)

  3. Sounds like a great and healthy choice and the best....these cookies look so yummy!

  4. Ah, well, I'm in the US so can't get them yet but they sound terrific, very healthy and tasty!

  5. What a shame they're only available in Canada. They do look good. xx

  6. These cookies look delicious. Bonus that they are healthy too!

  7. Oh, if only New Moon Kitchen makes it across the border. Thank you for shining the Quidnunc spotlight on these gems, Natalie. As a ginger fan the Snapper cookies have me intrigued....But I'll be patient until New Moon Kitchens has the proper paper work in US markets. Or maybe I'll just take a trip to Canada =)

  8. These look awesome. I am not sure I can get them here in Sydney but I too am hoping that they will make the trip here. I tend to make my own cookies but they aren't healthy!

  9. Why can't I work somewhere where there's a cookie taste test? :( Oh wait, I work from home - I do!

  10. I hope I can get my hands on some of those momints!!

  11. These look terrific! Look forward to the time when they're available in the US. ;-)

  12. I adore spelt flour and these sound right up my alley!

  13. I think I may have seen these in health food specialized stores but never tried them. I would go for the Momints too :-)

  14. Nice review of the cookies Natalie...I would love to give them a try...I like how they come in little packages.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  15. What a fun find! Thanks for sharing. I'll keep an eye out for these in the states.

  16. These cookies look and sound amazing. I can't believe there are real mint leaves baked into the mint ones. That's awesome! I will look for these to be in the US, hopefully soon!

  17. I really hope I see these in stores soon- It's always exciting to try new vegan treats, and the mint chocolate cookie sounds unbeatable. There are so few desserts that really utilize the whole, fresh mint leaf!


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