Raw Juice Guru Cleanse

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday! I am starting the Raw Juice Guru 3-day Juice Cleanse today  which involves replacing my daily meals with 3 to 4 liters of fresh and organic raw vegetable and fruit juice. Raw Juice Guru provides daily delivery service to home/work and I received  6-8 16oz (500ml) Organic Cold Pressed juices in Glass Bottles, plus 2 tonic/elixir 1-2oz, and a detoxifying Tea. I will be having a juice every 90 minutes or so and wont be able to eat anything!

I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse for while now because I feel like my body really needs it.  I have never done something to this extent before and so I really am welcoming the experience.  I have heard of many crazy cleanses out there like the master cleanse or one’s where you take pills, etc. but they seem extremely nutrient-deprived.  I love the idea of consuming large amounts of raw juices and enzymes to cleanse my body and mind on a cellular level. The idea is to give my digestion a break so that my body and cells can heal and detoxify all the toxins and waste my body has stored. 

Being a juice-cleanse beginner, I find that I like to ask many questions and do a lot of research before partaking in such an experiment and so for those of you with inquiring minds, I’m going to answer some questions for you!

Why Did I choose the Raw Juice Guru Cleanse?
Well I have  a few reasons.  They are local, which means I am in the delivery zone to have the fresh juices dropped off to my door step.  They use local Ontario produce and the ingredients are 100 % certified Organic. The juices are made FRESH in the morning and are suited to the customer’s ailments/concerns/goals.  I was so happy to discover that each juice would be slightly different and tailored to ME.  I have seen a lot of other cleanses that already have a set list of juices and so I am thrilled to have a bit of a surprise variety. I also found the mastermind behind Raw Juice Guru, Elaine, to be very friendly and helpful in answering my questions, and that really helps too.

What kind of vegetables and fruits are in these juices?
So the Raw Juice Guru have over 800 plus raw juices they choose from to tailor to you.  The main veggies and fruits that are used are: apple, beets, broccoli, carrot, celery, coconut water, cucumber, fennel, kale, mango, orange, parsnip, pear, spinach, spirulina, strawberry, swiss chard, watercress and zucchini.  I am sure there are many more added but that seems to be the most popular ingredients.

What are your concerns about starting this cleanse?
My main concern is feeling hungry.  I usually eat something every 2.5 to 3 hours and so replacing that with large quantities of juice frightens me a bit.  I hate the feeling of being hungry!  I hope that because these juices are large and since I’m a slow drinker, by the time I’m done one juice it’ll be time to open the second.  I also have no will power and if I’m around good food, i'll need to eat it up.  So I shall be clearing out my kitchen of temptations .  I am putting exercise on hold during the cleanse because my body will definitely be feeling different and I don’t think I will have the energy right away to partake in the dreaded Jillian Michaels body shred!  I might do some light yoga but that’s about it.  I am also a coffee junkie so I know my body is going to hate me for not having it, so the withdrawal symptoms will not be fun. 

What are your goals during this cleanse?
My main goal is just to experience what pure raw fruit and vegetables do to my body.  I could never eat the amount of fruit and veggies a day that I will be drinking so I know it will have some kind of effect on me.  I am hoping to feel clean, renewed and cleansed and hopefully it’ll help me lean towards a more clean diet with less processed foods.  I think it’ll just be great to experience 3 days without meat, dairy, fat, and just enjoy the natural foods the earth has to offer.

What are the benefits from the Juice Feasting Cleanse at Raw Juice Guru?
Well, I found quite the long list on their website.
• Jump-start weight loss and cleanse your body
• Resets your metabolism
• Boost energy
• Stronger, shinier hair
• Better Sleep patterns
• Regular Bowel Functions
• Remove Metals from your body
• Get glowing skin and brighter eyes
• Restoring hydration, alkalinization and oxygenation
• Eliminate aches and pains
• Reduce bloating and water retention
• Remove acidity, mucus, molds, fungus and bad bacteria from body
• Rebuild your immune system
• Improve fertility and menstrual cycle
• Balance hormones for both sexes
• Your body will covert food into energy much better
• Eliminate bad breath, body odor and cellulite
• Increase Libido and Energy
• detoxify your cells
• Less irritable
• Eliminate heavy metals
• Improve digestion
• Reduce and stop cravings and bad habits
• Will make you look youthful and young
• Delete Skin Problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and so on
• No more depression and Angel
• Improve memory and concentration
• Reverse Cancer Cells
• Helps you recover from radiation or chemo
• Helps you recover from stroke
• Treat Diabetes type 1 and type 2
• Treat High blood pressure
• Shrink Fibroid and more

What are you doing as a pre-cleanse?
So Elaine mentioned that I should cut out all caffeine, alcohol, meats, dairy over the weekend and eat only raw veggies and fruits to prepare my body.  I couldn't do this the whole weekend, but I did it yesterday.  For breakfast I had a banana and berries, for lunch a mixed vegetable stir-fry and for dinner a bunch of steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  It was hard to just eat the raw veggies so I had to heat them up a bit by steaming, no biggie.

Juice 1
I am just finishing up my first juice which is: Cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, kale, dandelion, lemon, ginger, apple

It is very FRESH vegetable tasting which is clearly different since I never actually drink any vegetable juice, ever.  It is also very tart most likely because of the lemon.  I can taste the parsley a lot but other than that it really isn't bad.  Its just different and the more I drink it the more I’m like okay not so bad.  I will keep updating as I continue to try the other juices throughout the day! 

Juice 2
So it is taking me really long to finish one bottle of juice.  I basically finished number 1 in the span of 3 hours and now I am already on to #2 which means I have been drinking juice all morning non-stop! I am not hungry but I so feel a bit tired and that is likely because I haven't had a coffee.

Juice 2 is: Beet, carrot, fennel, lemon, parsley, cilantro, ginger, apple.

I actually like the taste of this juice a lot better than the first juice.  I can really taste the beets in this one but it is sweet and so it's easier to drink than Juice 1 which was very tart.  I was scared of trying this one because of the cilantro but I can't taste it at all.  This juice is a sweet surprise but again, it will probably take me a few hours to finish.

Juice 3
I am such a slacker! Two juices done but it took me from pretty much 8:30 am to 1 pm to get both down. It's not that they are bad, its just a lot of fresh juice and I am not used to having this much liquids. My 3rd juice is an elixir of aloe vera.  It is a very small amount of it and I'm having it with a large glass of water.  It is very mild tasting and went down quite quickly.  I still have 4 large juices to go and it's already 1:30 pm, hopefully I can fit them all in!

I had a few stomach grumbles thanks to the girls in the office warming up their yummy lunches but I'm doing fine right now!

It is now 3:30 pm and I am only on juice 4! I have 3 large juices and an elixir to go still.  At least this means I will likely be drinking these up right until bed so no time to really feel the hunger. 

Juice 4
This one is grapefruit/ginger. This one is super tart as most grapefruit juice is anyway but the added ginger kind of gives it a nice balance.  I do like this juice but I'm nursing it.  I have always been a slow drinker.

Juice 5
Juice 5 is lemon, filtered water, coconut nectar and cayenne pepper.  It has some real kick to it with the spice and the lemon is very sour.  It is a harder one to drink because of the bitterness but after awhile I was sipping on it like a spicy lemonade.  One big thing I've learned so far is to add ice cubes to the juices,the colder the easier to drink...for me anyway.

Juice 6
Juice 6 was an elixir of spirulina and apple. I was scared of this because I always hear that spirulina tastes like a tumbleweed and it didn't help that it is such a deep blue/green colour.  I took a swing and was actually a bit shocked that it tasted like apple! There was an aftertaste though that reminded me of hay but it was quickly gone with a chug of water.  This was actually a great elixir.

Juice 7 and 8
These 2 were repeats of juice 1 and 2 and boy I had a hard time finishing them.  I can barely finish #8 actually because its just so much liquid intake.  I am peeing like a crazy person and in between these juices I have had a lot of water.

I'm happy to say I completed day one and the only main issue I had today was the fact that I was slacking big time when it came to finishing a juice.  I think this is normal though seeing as I am not used to drinking this much in general. I really thought I was going to be dying of hunger at some point today but I wasn't at all.  There were a few moments I was like wow that popcorn smells good, but it lasted for a quick second.  I know that some people say day 1 is the hardest but for me it was a breeze to be honest, I am more worried about tomorrow :)

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  1. I really want to do a juice cleanse. I can't wait to hear how it goes once you've done a full day!

  2. This is really awesome that you're doing this. The juices look great. I look forward to hearing about your experience! :)

  3. that is awesome healthy after my exercise

  4. I can't wait to hear how it worked once you're all done with it. I want to try a juice cleanse, so I am very curious.

  5. Wow, good luck!! I couldn't handle it. Hope you love the results!

  6. Good luck with your cleanse!

  7. Great post! I love the idea of raw juice cleanse but so far I was never ready to try it, I have same concerns as you do..being hungry, without energy. I also don't want to loose weight. Can't wait to hear from you about the results. These juices look really delicious. Good luck!

  8. Good luck!!! I can't wait to read your results and how you're feeling at the end :)

  9. Wow these juice sound wonderful!
    I don't like the thought of not
    having food in those 90 min :P
    I wish you good luck tho!


  10. Ah the first liquid cleanse experience. The couple of times I did it, it was from scratch doing my own juice. I am on the fence about the experience. I look forward to hearing your results and after thoughts.

  11. I did a three day cleanse a month ago. I quite enjoyed the cleanse. In fact I'm doing a one day cleanse on Wednesday this week. It is hard to drink all of the juices sometimes. You just feel so full of liquids! lol

  12. It's amazing to hear you get that full on just liquid. But you're right -- looks like a big quantity of it. Can't wait to hear your full report when it's all done.

  13. Hi Natalie,

    Can't wait to hear from you to see all the rewards that you are reaping from this diet :D


  14. Good luck with your cleanse, Natalie! You have more will power than I do!

  15. I want to hear all the details. And I want to hear about it a week after, too; just to see how your body reacts then. Thanks for sharing it with us. And I wouldn't go around reading any blogs. It might be to tempting!

    1. I have stayed off food gawker and Pinterest because they always tempt me haha but I'm still browsing some blogs :p

  16. What a great cleanse! I haven't done one before, but have always wanted to :) That beet juice looks delicious!

  17. I've actually been trying to intake more beet so juice #2 seems muuuch more palatable!

  18. Bravo, Natalie. I truly admire your discipline and determination. Wishing you Grace and ease in your extremely healthy venture =)

  19. Wow good on you for doing this! I'm interested to see what results you get and how hungry you may or may not start to feel. The main reason I've never done one is cause I was scared of being super hungry.

    1. I was surrounded by burger and fries last night and I didn't even want it ! I mean it smelled good but I didn't even try to take a tiny bit. Sometimes you really surprise yourself :)

  20. Thanks for all the great support everyone :)

  21. Those juices sound genuinely delicious, especially the grapefruit-ginger one! Not sure if I'd be able to manage all those liquids in one day either though... Kudos for powering through it!

  22. Wow! I can't wait to see how the other days go for you. I give you huge credit for trying a cleanse. I don't think I could or would even want to try one. Good luck!

  23. I wish I had the power and courage to do this too.
    Good luck with your cleanse, Natalie!

  24. I had to do a clear liquids diet for one day and had a miserable hungry time (with many many trips to the bathroom!). I think its scared me off from any juice cleanses, but your tasty juices look pretty encouraging!

  25. I want to look into a raw juice cleanse. there is this organic juice store in nyc where they do stuff like that, i guess i'll do it for a few days once spring rolls around. :-)

  26. woooo to finishing day one! power to you, i cant wait to hear how the rest of it goes i really want to try one in the future

  27. So glad Day 1 went well!! I've never done a juice fast...and I'm not sure I could make it, especially on a workday. Hope the rest of it goes well too!

  28. Great job on surviving Day 1! Keep us updated.

  29. Enjoyed reading your interesting juicing journey. I have thought about juice cleanses before but never gone through with it. Nice to hear you have a local company who can provide the juices for you.

  30. You're doing great! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the cleanse and what your thoughts are!! I don't know if I could drink that much either...I'd feel bloated all the time!


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