Raw Juice Guru Cleanse Final Day + Post-Cleanse

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I’m happy to say that I have completed my Raw Juice Guru cleanse! After 3 full days of replacing all of my meals with fresh, organic vegetable, fruit and plant juices I am on my post-cleanse day and introducing food back into my diet.

Elaine from Raw Juice Guru said it would be best to eat raw fruits and veggies today to slowly get my digestive system up and running.  I had grapefruit at lunch, apple as a snack, some vegetables for lunch and then I kind of ate a few different things around dinner like hummus, pita, fruit, veggies, etc.  My stomach has been good to me and I feel fine.

I want to thank Elaine for letting me experience this amazing cleanse.  I 100% did not have faith in myself for lasting the full 3 days.  I honestly thought I would cheat just a tiny bit throughout one of the days.  I was surrounded by some of my favourite foods and I had no urge in eating any of it. I didn't even feel like a coffee today knowing that I could very well finally indulge in one.  The best thing about doing this cleanse is that I am so much more mindful now of my body and its cravings.  I don’t NEED to always indulge in what I am craving, it is mind over matter and if I can do it, anyone can do it.  The amazing nutrients I took in for the past 3 days has left me feeling energized, clean, non-bloated, 3 lbs lighter, sleeping better, glowing skin, clear mind, clean sinuses and just aware of what makes my body feel good.  I can’t wait to start eating more raw fruit and vegetables and eventually buying a juicer of my own. 

I also discovered that I really love beets and fennel, which both were not on my veggie radar before.  I also must say that if you’re thinking of doing a juice cleanse, please try one that changes up their juices for you daily. I found this SUPER DUPER helpful in my progress because it was always a new flavour to look forward to.

Overall an amazing experience and I am so proud of myself for sticking to it.  The hunger pangs barely occurred and I am not even fibbing here folks, I drank juice non-stop throughout the day and it made me forget/not care about eating something.  I did not struggle at all. You want to make sure though that you have not much planned for the few days, I find it best being at work and then just going home to relax. The only trouble I had was drinking the juices fast, I sipped on them so slow and some took me 2 hours to finish.  My body isn't used to that much liquid but I found that each day I was drinking them a little faster.  I would've been good with just 7 juices for each day instead of 8. I really hope you guys can all try out a juice cleanse one day, it really is worth it and not as hard as you think!!

Day 3 review:

8:00 am – Juice #1 apple, fennel, cucumber, spinach, ginger, kale, parsley, lemon
This juice really made me wake up.  I referred to it as my juice alarm because the sourness of the lemon and the potent taste of parsley perked me right up.  It was a great morning juice though, fresh and green.

10:00 am – Juice #2 Beet, celery, ginger, lemon, cilantro, swiss chard, apple
This one was so sweet from the beets and sour from the lemon so it was a good combo for me.  I really enjoyed this one and my office smelled of freshness.  I loved how full these juices were making me, not bloated though,  just satisfied.

12:00 pm Juice #3 and #4 aloe vera + zucchini, celery, apple, carrot
I drank the aloe in one sip since it’s a small amount and I was already on to juice #4.  Juice 4 was incredible.  I realized how damn good zucchini is in juice.  This one was very mild and refreshing and I swear I was glowing orange after downing this.  I just want to let you guys know that I was surrounded by spinach dip and pita bread and French fries and basically every good food known to mankind and I shrugged it off like it was cat food, it felt amazing. I started to get a bit cocky at this point lol turning my nose up at food.

2:30 pm Juice #5 watermelon lemon
This juice was rather interesting. It didn't really taste like watermelon but then again I have never really had watermelon juice.  Anyways it was so-so, drinkable but the taste kind of threw me off.  Still no hunger at this point, just more juice and water filling me up.

4:00 pm Juice #6 this was another spirulina/apple elixir
Love this stuff and I am totally going to buy spirulina this weekend to add to my drinks. 

My last 2 juices were repeats of juice #1 and #2. 

9:00 pm
Finally done my juice cleanse! It felt amazing, I felt amazing, I wasn't hungry and I wasn't looking forward to eating the next day as much as I thought I would be.  

Highly recommended this cleanse, if anyone has questions about the company or my experience please feel free to email me or contact the raw juice guru on twitter, facebook or their website!

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  1. I have just bought an organic spirulina! Will definitely add this to my drink/juice, too. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Wow good job Natalie without cheating or one "Fiblet" about the whole thing. You were strong, as I am not sure I could do it for three days never mind one. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh my gosh, you're amazing! Your body must feel so great right now! I've been meaning to do a cleanse...for like the past year...I make it until around 2pm and then I can't help but eat a heavy sandwich with gooey melty cheese. I need to take some lessons from ya!

  4. GO you! I love that this cleanse helped you learn a bit about yourself in the process along with making you feel so great!

  5. Congrats on making it and so well. I am glad you enjoyed your experience and learned things from it. This was a really interest trilogy posts to read :-)

  6. woww.. that is awesome. congrats. i really want to do a juice cleanse.. it's easier for me to do it on working days. i just need to buy all the juices. did you notice a difference in your skin? just curious if it glows.

  7. You have convinced me to do a juice cleanse! Everyone I know always complains about alot of stuff and scares me away. Once I am done with my workout plan I am def going to give this a go! I am fine with drinking alot of liquids, I usually do alot of "smoothie" days in the summer easily but just was always afraid I'd hate the taste of some of the juices and just starve lol

  8. I'm about to finish up a different cleanse, but yours looks interesting!

  9. I'm so glad to read that you liked it :)

  10. Inspiring stuff! I'm glad to hear that it was pretty easy to manage, and not at all torturous. Maybe I'll finally take the juice challenge sometime soon, too. :)

  11. That's awesome that you liked it and it worked for you. I am convinced - now I just have to find time to do it.

  12. My sincerest congratulations Natalie on lasting the 3 days! I´m adding healthy juices and foods to my diet, but still don´t want to commit to a cleanse. But I really admire those who do!

  13. I've always been curious about juice cleanses so your review is pretty helpful and inspiring. Congrats! :)

  14. Natalie, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award: http://justnorthofwiarton.blogspot.ca/2013/03/the-liebster-award.html

  15. Congratulations on completing your cleanse without any problems. It is wonderful that you can see and feel the change it has made in your life.

  16. Well.. I will say that I do feel guilty about the chips.. and the wine that I just consumed. Congratulations on finishing it! I don't think I could do it.. I tried a 3 day detox and buckled 4 hours in. oops!

  17. Really interesting experiment! Congrats on completing this - it really sounds like it's worth doing. Great report - I learned a bunch.

  18. I am glad everything went well and you made it !

  19. Congrats on completing your cleanse, Natalie! Great to hear from someone who's actually done it. I'm glad it worked so well for you and made you feel good!

  20. Thanks for sharing your raw juice cleanse experience with such detail. Great to hear it was totally worth a try!

  21. Sounds like an awesome experience! I bought myself an awesome breville at home machine i got for about $100- aka about 12 purchased juices- and i have been juicing daily for breakfast and a late afternoon pick me up.
    Best decision i ever made!!
    These combos sound amazing, and so flavorful!
    Ttrockwood (AT) yahoo (dot) com

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  23. I am going to be starting my 3 day journey soon! I understand that most people have to pee more with the added intake of liquid. But, I was wondering if you had any other health experiences...loose/increased bowels, headaches, shakes etc.

    1. I did pee frequently but not really any increased or different bowels or shakes. I had a slightly mild headache due to no coffee but that went away very quickly, overall I felt really good the whole 3 days! Good luck!


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