Raw Juice Guru Cleanse Day 2

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Wednesday already which means it's my last day of the Raw Juice Guru Cleanse. If I made it this far I can surely continue for the rest of the day.  Below is my Day 2 review:

I had an incredibly deep sleep last night and woke up feeling pretty good.  I didn't feel like my regular yogurt or oatmeal, I was actually craving for more juice and was excited to see the next concoctions that were at my door. 

8:00 am - My first juice was kale, celery, cucumber, romaine, swiss chard, dandelion, collard, parsley, apple.

This vibrant green juice tasted so fresh and really gave me the perk I needed for the early morning.  At this point I didn't even care about getting a coffee, the smell of it didn't bother me and at that moment I really felt amazing.  I didn't think I had it in me to go even one day without coffee and here I am on day 2 not even giving a shit about it.  Very empowering feeling.  I sipped on this juice throughout the morning and actually ended up drinking it at a faster pace than yesterday.

10:30 am – I decided to try out the detoxifying tea that I received which is a chocolate roobios.  I was excited for something warm and boy did this hit the spot.  It smelled of lovely rich chocolate and it tasted SO GOOD.  I saved the tea bag so that I could have a few more cups of it throughout the day.

11:00 am – Juice #2 was cucumber, apple, romaine, lemon.  This juice was delicious!! It was so refreshing and I could taste each of the ingredients in every sip.  Who would've thought that fennel would taste so good in a juice? Not me.  I finished this juice within an hour, yay.

12:30 pm – Juice #3 was the aloe vera elixir again. Easy breezy. The girls at work were eating pizza and fresh cookies and I actually didn't care at all.  Usually I am literally pawing at the cookies with no hesitation in my mind that I want to devour them but I felt like a different person just looking at the cookie and thinking meh.  Who the hell thinks ‘MEH’ when looking at a cookie? I had to smack myself for a sec but then I just went to the fridge for my next juice, double yay.

1:30 pm – Juice #4 was honey dew and cantaloupe.  This was basically a fiesta in my mouth.  This juice was PERFECT and tasted so good after a morning of the veggie-based drinks.  I chugged this baby back in 30 minutes and I wanted more.  In general I don’t really care for cantaloupe but in a juice and paired with the honey dew, it was one of the greatest combos ever.

3:00 pm – I started to think about how amazing I was feeling at this point in the day. I had a clear mind, I felt rejuvenated, I wasn't hungry or sluggish, I just felt good.  I also was really liking that the juices were different, so I was always looking forward to tasting something new. If this cleanse had been a set of the same juices every time I think I would get a bit bored by now.

I opened up juice #5 which was grapefruit, orange and lemon.  This was amazing! It was a lovely balance of the citrus fruits and I had no problem chugging this one back.  I was so giddy at this point after having 2 lovely fruit juices in a row.

4:30 pm – I had another tea at this time, kept me warm on this chilly day !

5:00 pm – Juice 6 was the spirulina/apple elixir and it tasted even better the second day.  No hay taste afterwards, it was a quick drink paired with a large glass of water.

6:30 pm – This was basically my dinner time and I wasn't craving anything food-wise.  I started to think I would never regain a food appetite again lol I was freaking myself out.  But then I smelt a burger and kind of wanted to take a huge bite of it but instead I went for my 7th juice!  #7 was cucumber, pineapple, wheat grass, mint and ginger.  This was delightfully refreshing and also my first time having wheat grass.  I could really taste the mint and cucumber in this juice and the sweet hint of pineapple.  I couldn't taste the wheat grass at all which was nice.

8:00 pm – It is getting late and I am getting full off juice so I’ll be sipping on #8 for a while until I explode! Juice 8 is a repeat of juice 1.

So I thought that day 1 was a breeze, well day 2 is even breezier haha.  When I think back to yesterday I think I had more hunger pangs than today.  Today was just a really great cleansing day and I feel super.  I have noticed that my sinuses feel extra clear and my breaths through my nostrils are very deep .  Not sure if that is odd or not but just something I have noticed.  I think if I can do 2 days I can do one more.  Will keep you guys updated tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds pretty amazing thus far, Natalie.

  2. Wow! I don't think I could handle a juice cleanse. Maybe for a couple of days. nice work!

  3. You are making me want to try one! Do you have problems with feeling weak when you don't eat regularly? I can get nauseous so that is my only worry with a juice cleanse. Ans also, do you workout while you are on the cleanse? So many questions! :)

    1. Hi Sarah, I usually eat every 2.5 to 3 hours or my stomach goes into hunger mode! I usually don't feel super weak, but I do need the calorie intake because I work out often and working out with not enough food/energy is impossible. So because I'm only drinking juice, I have stopped working out for the 3 days, however I could probably do some light exercise and be good! The juice is keeping me full and my body is not starving because it is still absorbing a ton of good nutrients that I would never consume on an average day!

    2. Good idea to not work out during your cleanse. It's not just that you are eating less. The nutrition that you are taking in is signalling your body to detox and clean up. And that takes a lot of work. The best thing you can do for your body is rest and let it do that job.

      And bravo to you for doing a cleanse!

      Sue xo

    3. Yeah, I wouldn't think the juice is providing enough energy for intense exercise. It is good to know it is keeping you full though. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Great update of day 2 and looking forward to day 3, hang in there. The juices look good.

  5. Still going strong, my friend--I'm so proud of you!

  6. Keep it up my friend, this would definitely be cleansing :D


  7. I've seen quite a few juice cleanse everywhere and I always wanted to try....but not dare yet! hahah...I think I love food too much to get started. :P I'm going to follow you along to see how things go. Kudos to you for keeping up so well.

  8. Great update! Sounds like an amazing program. Definitely a fascinating experiment. Keep up the good work!

  9. yayyy for getting through day 2! man you should be a walking advertisement for this company if you feel this good i know people who are "dieing" the second day! lol def making me want to try this

  10. I admire your will power Natalie!
    Followed day 1 and 2 very eagerly and you make it all sound very easy. Maybe I'll try a spring cleansing too, your posts are very inspiring :)
    Hold on, you are doing great!

  11. Thanks for all the support :) I am finishing up my last juice of day 3!

  12. You are making this sound pretty awesome! I'm going to go check out their facebook now :)

  13. Wowie! You are ambitious! That juice actually looks pretty yummy. :)

  14. You go girl! I want some of the cantaloupe/honeydew. And I have to tell you that reading this makes me very thirsty!

  15. Glad to hear the detox has worked well for you!

  16. Well done that day 2 has gone so well!

  17. I have been thinking about doing a juice fast too! I hope it goes well for you!

  18. Wow, you are courageous...and I am glad that it is working...
    Hope you are having a fun week Natalie...with more juices :)


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