What I Ate Wednesday #4

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hello Wednesday! I haven’t worked out in days and so I forced myself to get up early this morning and get on over to the gym.  I did a 30 minute run and it felt great! I think it felt great mainly because I have been eating crap for the past 4 days straight.  I have had ruffles all-dressed chips, french fries, wine, chocolate bars, cookies, pizza, etc.  I was just feeling so UGH so I’m glad I’m slowly getting back on track.  I plan to bake some goodies this weekend though but I’ll give them away, I like cooking for others!

This morning I had a slice of multigrain toast with peanut butter and banana slices and a grapefruit and kiwi.  I also had a coffee, love you keurig!

After breakfast I went to the gym and then got ready to go to work. I picked up a Simply Bar on the way in as I've badly wanted to try the new Simply Whey bars.  I went for the coconut flavor and paid a whopping $3.15 for ONE bar.  I was a little annoyed at how expensive it was but bought it anyway.  The bar was actually really good, it had a nice coconut flavour to it and the normal crunch of a regular Simply Bar.  I would like to say I will buy more in the future but at that cost I will go broke!

For lunch I walked around downtown and felt like NOTHING. I was on the prowl for a good soup but the bistro next door had 'shrimp and vegetable broth soup' which sounded really gross. I was so annoyed that I just went back to the office and had caesar salad that I left in the fridge from yesterday and one curry spring roll.  Pretty boring but I’m full now.

For an afternoon snack I had these quinoa cookies I received in the mail today from GOGO QUINIOA.  They sent me the most amazing products ever and I'm really excited to try them out and share them with you all.  I couldn't help but dig into the cookies! I like that they are individually packaged and they actually taste fantastic for a healthified cookie. Very happy I've discovered this brand and I'll post a review of all the products soon!

Ok so I felt like another snack because one cookie just isn't enough.  I had some pom seeds!
Dinner is another catering event at work so I'll be having the same as last week, BBQ chicken, rice, potatoes and a mountain of hot sauce!

Hope you're all having a fantastic Wednesday :)

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  1. You eat healthy but very delicious dishes :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Fun post! Love reading about all the great stuff you're eating. Although $3.15 for one lousy bar seems a bit much!

  3. Man, your body reacts differently than mine does because after I eat a bunch of crap, my first run or two afterward feels AWFUL. As in, I have to push myself to get through it because bad food really slows me down and makes running a challenge. So I'm kind of jealous that you ran on the treadmill and felt awesome after all that food. ;) Good for you for getting back on track, though, and slowly working toward your goals.

    And what you ate looks awesome! I could totally get behind those Coconut Whey bars if they weren't so expensive!

    1. I usually don't have such a burst of energy after eating crappy but for some reason today was great, maybe it was the coffee I had? I'm more like you though where as its harder to get back into the swing of things after a junky food binge :P

  4. That breakfast is beautiful! And whoever can succeed at making quinoa cookies taste good is my hero! :-)

  5. Mu husband loves peanut butter and bananas only he puts honey on top. And why is it that companies always feel like they should repeat the same meal over and over? If I recorded like this it might help my diet.Then I'd have to show all those little handfuls of cc chips that I suffer through.

  6. Yum...you're eating really well there. :) The Quinoa cookies sounds great.

  7. Quinoa cookies- yum!! And that bar looks great too, but that is expensive! I need to more homemade bars:)

  8. That Simply Whey bar looks interesting. I'll have to look for those here.

  9. Cookies made with quinoa?? Hmm...sounds like a good excuse to eat a cookie! ;)

  10. That's a pretty cool wednesday! I hope you have a good week!

  11. I love the pomegranate seeds...especially when there is not work required :)
    Hope you are having a great week Natalie!

  12. That dinner looks like my kind of dinner - perfect to eat in front of TV xx

  13. Pretty breakfast!

    The quinoa cookie sounds good. I've been looking for some gluten- and dairy- free treats. And that they are individually wrapped is great; it definitely helps me with portion control.

  14. Those simply bars look/sound neat. I'll have to keep a look out for them.
    I usually can't get enough hot sauce either. Love the stuff!

  15. Your breakfast looks delicious and those quinoa cookies are intriguing! I'll have to try them.

  16. I totally want to try those quinoa cookies.

  17. Looks like a great day of food! The bar looks really interesting as do the cookies. I love finding interesting and unique products. Love your blue nail polish too! I'm obsessed with nail polish.


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