Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Its Wednesday! Another WIAW happening and its been a mixture of good and bad today.  I also worked 8 am to 9:30 pm so I think its only fair that I get to pig out a bit. I started the morning off with a healthy smoothie consisting of fresh strawberries, frozen raspberries, ½ banana, 1 kiwi, almond milk, coconut Greek yogurt and hemp hearts.  

I just want to go back to the coconut Greek yogurt I discovered this past weekend at Costco.  I think I make it quite known that i'm a bit coconut obsessed so I think I literally freaked out like a child when I saw this in the yogurt section.  I did a couple of OMG’S and turned to my friend saying “I NEED TO TRY THIS” and just as I say that she points out to the sample lady nearby giving out samples of the coconut yogurt.  I’m pretty sure I was on cloud 9 for a split second when she said that.  Needless to say, this yogurt is the real deal! Delicate coconut flavour and paired with granola the combo is heavenly. I hope you all get to try it out one day soon.

For my morning snack I had apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon and a side of almond butter. Pretty healthy right? (it gets worse as the day goes on)

I was hungry right at noon so I warmed up the vegetarian cabbage rolls I made last night.  The stuffing was a mix of ancient grains (kamut, oats, quinoa, etc.), shredded carrot, chopped mushrooms, green lentils, onion, garlic and spices.  This was my first time making cabbage rolls and I didn't realize how long the process was! I need to save that recipe for the weekend when I actually have free time to make such a dish. 

2:30 pm rolled around and I started looking for snacks! A co-worker was in the mood for  coffee so we wandered off to Starbucks and I ended up getting a vanilla spice latte, so delicious! We then picked up 6 boxes of cookies from Tim Horton's for an event we were having at work.  I of course had to dig in because freshly baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are just way too good to pass up.  240 calories later, I dug into cheesy jalapeno popcorn from Kernels.   I  clearly had a stomach ache after all of that so i'm trying to soothe it all with some tazo zen green tea.

We had a large work event tonight and so we catered in food from a Portuguese restaurant called Sardinha.  The food is incredible and my dinner consisted of Portuguese BBQ chicken, the best little potato balls ever, rice pilaf, garden salad all drizzled with spicy piri piri sauce and for dessert a Portuguese custard tart which is basically the most addictive tart ever.  Yes I am a eating machine today.

I am in need of my bed! My stomach is really hating me right now and we have SO much leftovers for tomorrow.  Detox after this week! 

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  1. yum everything looks great, some days im liek that and nothing satisfies me !! hopefully you feel better!

  2. Oh, Yum!!! That smoothie tastes like " I want more and more..."

  3. It looks like you ate some delectable things yesterday, for better or worse. I did the same thing -- especially with the sweets and the particularly unhealthy thing -- yesterday, and I am feeling it this morning!

  4. My foods always get less and less healthy as the day wares on! It's hard to pass on delicious cookies!

  5. Those little tarts look dangerous. I think I would just keep popping them in my mouth. There's always tomorrow to get back on track :)

  6. I've had both the individual cups of Oikos and the large container, and I like the individual cups better. I'm not sure why.

  7. I thought the Portuguese food was Indian..looks yummy!

  8. Oh, the old working long hours spiral towards junk food. That happens to me too. For the most part, you ate pretty healthy, so hopefully your next day was fine.

    Now, I have to reread the recipe for those yummy coconut macaroons you just posted.


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