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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

*EDIT* I wanted to mention that the giveaway for healthy food items is over and the winner is:

Joann M

Congrats! I will email you shortly :)

My first WIAW post! I don't know what it is about looking at pictures of what other's ate but I love these kinds of posts.  I guess it boils down to discovering new foods and getting food inspirations from other blogging foodies. Happy to take part in WIAW!

I am currently sick as a dog (cough/cold) and so my day has been filled with food's high in Vitamin C! For breakfast I had a really delicious smoothie made with almond milk, protein powder, banana, frozen raspberries, fresh blackberries, spinach and ground flax.

My morning snack was 2 clementines, love these lil guys.

After eating many ricola cough drops, it was time for lunch.  I had some leftover butternut squash soup with a slice of multigrain toast.  I really am trying to kick the crap out of my cold. 

The rest of the afternoon I had a lot of tea with lemon/honey and then of course it was someones birthday so I had a piece of coffee cake.  I didn't take a picture of the deadly delicious cake which is probably a good thing. (no picture, no guilt)

Around 3 pm I was basically asleep at my desk from the sugar rush and so I had a coffee and some new trail mix I received from Prana. (review to come)

After work I bought some cute baby presents from Indigo for my preggo friend.  They really have the cutest things ever and call me a bad OR hilarious friend but I bought her this:

Shopping always makes me hungry so I made a healthy meal when I got home that really hit the spot.  Pan-fry tilapia with roasted asparagus and sauteed onions and spinach with quinoa. So delicious! No leftover fish for lunch tomorrow but I'll bring the quinoa/veggie mixture.

So far no late night snack except for 3 blue tortilla chips and salsa, does that even count?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. Yum! You looked like you had a lovely meal as well! I hope you feel better soon! I have mono, and I've been trying to pound it with Vitamin C too! *fingers crossed* PS. Where did you get that pacifier?!? I *MUST* buy one for my prego sister-in-law!!!

    1. Oh no mono doesn't sound like fun, hope you feel better. I bought the pacifier from Chapters/Indigo, if there are none near you just google mustache pacifier and there are a ton of websites that sell them. So cool eh :)

  2. Hope you get well soon--your eats were certainly healthy enough to help and they look delish too!

  3. For a sick person, your food looks really good, Natalie! The smoothie looks delicious. I need to dust off the old Magic Bullet and make some. The veggie combo with your dinner looks tasty too. Welcome to WIAW!!

  4. I keep meaning to try Butternut soup. I love butternut squash but, for some reason, have never gotten around to it. Must rememdy that!

  5. Thanks for the get well wishes everyone :)

  6. yummm everything looks so good! smoothies and soup are my go to things when im sick! i hope you feel better ! and omggg i am obsessed with that pacifier !! hahah my kid will totally have one lol

  7. I'm crazy impressed that you cooked through your sickness! And I really hope that you're starting to feel better. There's nothing worse than a pesky cold this time of year.

  8. I like seeing what other people eat too. But some people can't believe I post what I eat on my blog. It's all individual preference! I'm sorry to hear you are sick. What a pain. Hope you feel better soon!

    How exciting that I won your giveaway. Thanks so much!!! Joann

  9. Oh no! How sad that you're sick! I hope all the nutrients you've been ingesting are kicking this illness's butt!

  10. I hope you are feeling better very soon! The clementines should totally help, try some garlic too. I know what you mean about the tortilla chips, but I find every little taste and snack and bites counts . . . unfortunately.

  11. The asparagus and soup look divine.

  12. We love eating fish. I need to work on feeding my kids quinoa!

  13. Yum! Everything looks incredible- I love the Magic Bullet:) And butternut sqaush soup is the best for a cold


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