Healthy Snack Attack.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi everyone! I've received some amazing samples throughout the past few weeks that I wanted to share with you all.  I am always on the prowl for new healthy snacks to keep at my desk/in purse and these ones are my go to snacks at the moment.

The Health Warrior Chia Bars come in 3 different flavours, peanut butter chocolate, coconut and acai berry and each bar contains about 100 calories.  When I first looked at the package I thought, cute packaging but these bars are small.  I opened up the PB and Chocolate bar and at first glance it reminded me of a Larabar/Sesame Snap.  It smelled good and had a soft texture which was surprising because in my mind I thought these bars would be hard.  After taking my first bite I was super impressed by the texture! I am picky with my bars mainly because of texture but these were chewy in a good way, it didn't take me 3 minutes to chew and a gulp of water to get it down.  The chia seeds are definitely present in this bar, every bite is filled of healthy chia goodness and you get a nice crunch in every bite.  The crunch of the chia seeds is nothing like the crunch of a nut, but more similar to a smaller sesame seed.  The flavour was more chocolatey than PB and I actually don’t think I could taste the PB at all really, which isn't a bad thing since I like chocolate anyway. 

What made me really happy about these bars is although small at first glance, these things were filling! I was so full after eating one and that full feeling lasted at least 3 hours, AMAZING.  That’s why chia seeds are considered a super-food, they are fully packed with protein, fibre, and omega leaving you satisfied and full of energy after eating them. The acai berry was the next flavour I tried and it was incredibly delicious! The fruit flavour was very noticeable in this bar, and I really liked it a lot more than the chocolate.  The coconut was the winner though because I have a coconut obsession and the flavor was authentic and not too sweet. I'm a bit obsessed with these bars now.

You can find out more about how HEALTHY chia is for you at: 

You can purchase Health Warrior bars on their website at:

And while you're purchasing these perfect energy snack bars join up on their website to possibly become a Health Warrior!

Please throw away all your stashes of fruit roll ups or fruit by the foot or whatever other corn syrup ridden snacks you are feeding your kids and pay attention to these clever snacks by Naked Edge.  I was so impressed with these handy snacks and the variety of flavours totally had me intrigued   Veggie Gos’ are organic fruit and veggie mixed straps that have no added sugar to them and are gluten-free! They are a perfect way to get in some veggies and fruits while on the go and only 17 to 18 calories per snack.  Kids will love these things too and they wont even know there's veggies in it!  To find out more about The Naked Edge Snack story of dedicated passion in creating nutritious and non-processed foods read here .

These fruit/veggie straps are soft and chewy and packed with flavour! For each flavour the ingredients on the front of the packaging are literally the only ingredients in these bars.

Mountain Berry Spinach
This one was very berrylicious and sweet! It was easy to eat and I almost wished the strap was bigger! It is very comparable to a regular fruit snack out there meaning that your kids will totally eat it and have no idea its packed full of spinach with no added sugars!

Ingredients: Organic Apples, Organic Spinach, Organic Strawberries, Organic Raspberries, Organic Blueberries, Organic Sweet Potatoes

Cinnamon Spiced Beet
The first bite I could taste the beets but the cinnamon and sweet potato really give this snack such a nice flavour.  I like it a lot because it wasn't overly sweet and it actually made the beet flavour bearable which is hard for me sometimes when it comes to eating beets.

Ingredients: Organic Beets, Organic Apples, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Flax Seeds

Sweet Potato Pie

OMG this was so good.  It literally was melt in your mouth sweet potato goodness.  I love that there's cloves, nutmeg and ginger in it because it makes the sweet potatoe flavour so robust. Its literally a sweet potato pie for your pocket. This one is by far my favourite.

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Apples, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, 

Organic Nutmeg, Organic Cloves.

Carrot Ginger
I am not a huge fan of ginger but it tasted really nice paired up with the carrots and apple.  Its probably my least fave of the bunch but still very edible.

You can purchase these Veggie Go's at:

Flamous Brands Falafel Chips

I am seeing all sorts of claims for healthy chips these days and its hard to know which ones actually live up to their claim.  I am a huge chip fan and I could eat a bag of Doritos in one sitting but I try very very hard to stay away from those kinds of chips because its just a bag of high calorie crap. 

When I received samples from Flamous Brands I was really shocked at how healthy these chips actually are.  I spent a few minutes reading the bag and then thinking to myself  can falafel chips actually taste good and also be this healthy? These chips are gluten-free, USDA Certified Organic; Non-GMO; Vegan; Kosher; no Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Coloring, Dairy, Nut, Wheat, or MSG. Pretty impressive right? The chips are a delicious blend of 15 vegetables and herbs starting with corn and chickpeas, and then layered with other vegetables.

I am a fan of falafel's but a falafel chip sounded a little questionable at first but of course I opened them up immediately.  I had my boss with me and we both dug in.  I looked at her for the first response and she says “OMG Nat these are good!!” minutes later we were scarfing down the whole bag.  I definitely was taken back by these chips as I did not expect them to taste THIS good.  They were so crunchy and full of flavour, but not sickening at all.  They tasted very authentic and I literally had the whole office loving them. One of the girls actually went out a few days later and found them at Whole Foods and bought a bag. 

They also come in spicy falafel which was my fave because of the added heat and they come in zatar flavour which is an oregano-based mixture of herbs.  I made some hummus to go with these chips and its now a weekly staple in the house.  Good bye tostitos and salsa, hello falafel chips and hummus! 

You can enter your postal or zip code here to find out what locations carry these chips.

Happy Healthy Snacking!

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  1. I really want to try these!!! <3

  2. I have seen those falafel chips before and was hesitant to buy them but now I will give them a try. Thanks!

  3. The coconut chia bar looks really good, something I would try out for sure!

  4. I am so loving this chia bars. I love to snack and if it is healthy, life is even better :-)

  5. All really interesting products, curious about the chia seed bars for sure.

  6. you got me mouthwatering on these healthy snacks!

  7. I'm always on the lookout for healthy and satisfying snacks. These look like they certainly fill the bill! Thanks for the tip.

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  9. Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

  10. I loveee falafel! When I was little, there was a falafel food truck in a parking lot in our town. I wish he had stuck around longer but the cold weather in Massachusetts ran him off after a couple of winters.

    You should give Fruti bars a try! They're made with real fruit and have huge chunks in them. I love the Carribean Mix ones. They don't have any odd things in them. The ingredients are posted on their website here!


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