Weekend Eats.

Monday, September 26, 2011

This weekend was the end of my detox and I ate an abundance of delicious foods! Sushi, Ice Cream, Pizza, Crepes and Vietnamese.  Probably not the best idea to pig out right after a detox BUT I'm going to go back to eating normal/healthy during the work week.  I'm back to eating fruits and whole wheat, the gluten-free was just too hard.  I'm also enjoying cucumbers, tomatoes and vinegar!

On Saturday my sister brought us to a restaurant on Queen Street called Ginger.  I always walk by this restaurant but didn't really think anything of it.  I never eat Vietnamese food after having one bad experience with PHO. My sister insisted we try it and she sold us on 'it's super cheap'.  We walked in and it was quite busy inside.  There are no servers, you just browse the menu and order at the front. They give you a number and you place it on the table and your food comes out in less than 10 minutes or so.  The menu had a variety of items that looked GOOD and every meal was less than 8 dollars it seemed.  I wanted to stay safe so I ordered the Beef and Baby Bok Choy on Fried Noodles for $6.75.

Huge plate of food and super tasty.  The bits of cilantro were throwing me off because I HATE cilantro, but it was a very small amount so i didn't mind.  The beef was marinated in a sweet sauce and the bok choy was cooked perfectly!

My bf ordered the grilled shrimp with vermicelli and spring roll for $6.75.

He said it was pretty good but the noodles didn't have much sauce on them.  The spring roll was filled with chicken and vegetables and was really good.  Shrimp was perfectly cooked and flavourful.

My sister ordered the grilled chicken sandwich for $3.  I was a little shocked that it was only 3 bucks and expected something tiny to come out, but the sandwich was huge.  It tasted great and had some pickled cucumbers and carrots, mayo and a big piece of chicken breast.  The bun was so fresh and soft too.  This place is about 10 mins from my work, so now I know where to go for a quick and cheap lunch.

My sister's bf ordered the teriyaki beef and chicken on udon noodles for $6.99.  The plate was massive and looked really good.  Grilled meats and lots of sauce!

For dessert we walked down the street to Cafe Crepe.  I always walk by this place and it smells of glorious delicious crepes and I have no idea why I waited this long to try it out.  There was a large crepe selection but I immediately went for the nutella/banana crepe.  There was also a strawberry and nutella crepe that looked good.  The crepe was large and came to $7 with taxes.  It was perfection and tasted better than any crepe I've ever had.  It was packed with warm nutella and banana and tasted incredible!  I will definielty go back there!

We always had some great ice cream from Summer's Ice Cream in Yorkville but I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  But so far it might be the best ice cream i've had in the city.
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  1. One of my favourite cheap eats in the city.

  2. Is there a location on Church Street?


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