Joshi Detox Day 8.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm bored of this detox and I cheated.  There was free pizza at work and I had a slice and it was delicious.  I doubt its going to kill me, I feel fine 2 hours after eating it.  I'll just add an extra day to the end of the detox or something. 

Meal Plan for the Day:

Breakfast: lemon and water, green tea, rice cereal with almonds and honey
Snack: banana and almonds
Lunch: multigrain crust pizza with cheese and mushrooms (CHEATER ALERT)
Snack: carrot sticks
Dinner: cajun chicken, brown rice with onion and bok choy!
Dessert: gluten and wheat-free rocky road brownie! (DELICIOUS)

Things I miss: coffee again!

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