Joshi Detox Day 7.

Monday, September 12, 2011

2 more weeks to go! This is HELL. I just want to eat a bowl of fruit, I know it’s healthy so why the hell can’t I? *sigh* This week will hopefully be an easy one, I know what I’m going to cook and what to snack on. I’m really worried about my birthday weekend because I’ll want to have some wine and cake, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes. Overall I feel normal, I don’t feel super-duper energized but I also don’t feel sluggish like I sometimes used to. My skin complexion has definitely improved, it wasn’t bad to begin with but all of my blemishes are faded and my cheeks are soft and glowing. I’m an idiot and forgot to weigh myself at the start of the detox so I don’t know if I’m losing weight or not, I’m going to stop by the gym tonight and check and also work out for once!
Meal Plan for the Day.

Breakfast: warm water with lemon, green tea, banana, bowl of rice crisps with honey, almonds and almond milk
Snack: almonds, rice cake
Lunch: leftover brown rice and beans with salmon, side salad with oil/lemon dressing
Snack: brown rice crackers, carrots
Dinner: brown rice pasta with spinach and garlic

Things I Miss: cucumbers, vinegar, perogies

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