Joshi Detox Day 4.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Its day 4 of the detox and I feel the same.  I’m not having any weird nausea or headaches, I just feel normal.  I guess I feel less bloated and more ‘fresh’ if that means anything.  I’m a bit tired this morning but that’s probably because I went to bed late.  Dinner was so delicious last night but unfortunately there were no leftovers except for some of the rice. 
This weekend will be the hardest because weekends are when I want the junk food! At work I can easily control what I eat, my meals are prepared, etc. But on weekends, we usually eat out or go to the movies, and lord knows how much I love buttered popcorn. GAH! It also sucks that it’s my dad’s birthday this weekend so that consists of delicious food and cake.   I’ll be sure to bring some snacks with me because I’m sure my mom doesn’t have a cupboard full of rice cakes and rice crackers. *sigh*

Meal plan for the day.
Breakfast: lemon water, green tea, bowl of rice cereal topped with honey and almonds
Snack: rice cake with almond butter and a banana
Lunch: Buying broiled salmon from the café next door, hopefully they have some veggies to go with.  I also brought some leftover brown rice from last night.
Snack: carrots and hummus
Dinner: Eating out tonight. We are going shopping after work at the Eaton Centre so we are going to try out the new Urban Eatery.  There is a new place called Urban Herbivore that serves vegan food so I think I can find something there to fit within my plan.

UPDATE: The Urban Herbivore place looked okay but I went for Mr. Greek instead.  I was able to convince the lady to give me some lemon juice in a container and some oil in another instead of using the very fatty and delicious salad dressing they usually use.  I ordered a greek salad with only the lettuce and red onions with sliced chicken breast on top.  I poured some lemon juice and oil over it and tossed, turned out great.  I ate so many red onions though that I smelt oniony for the rest of the day, gross I know.

My bf ordered DELICIOUS tantalizing INDIAN food from AMAYA EXPRESS.  He said it was beyond delicious and I was drooling just watching him eat it.  He had butter chicken over basmati rice with naan bread and veggie samosa.  Can you believe I didn't even have one bite of it? This is unheard of in the world of Natalie.

I also had a after dinner snack, sea salt brown rice chips! YUM!

Thing I miss: rye toast with butter, apples

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