Joshi Detox Day 3.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

It’s only day 3 of the detox and I actually feel good.  It’s probably because I had a good sleep last night but either way, I am not dying for a coffee this morning!  My breakfast tasted extra delicious this morning because I decided to drizzle some honey over my cereal and add a bunch of slivered almonds. It was really tasty.  I have also been drinking some jasmine green tea and it’s becoming addictive! 
Last night I had Freshii for dinner.  I ordered the warm brown rice bowl with broccoli, celery, carrots, spinach, edamame, chickpeas, red onion, sunflower seeds, and roasted chicken tossed in lemon and olive oil.  It was pretty delicious but it was a huge portion so I didn’t end up eating it all.  I brought the leftovers for lunch today and I’m going to buy some roast turkey from the eatery next door to go with it. I also had an evening snack which probably wasn’t the GREATEST choice out there.  I bought a bag of Riceworks Parmesan and Sundried Tomato Brown Rice Chips.  They are gluten and wheat-free so really is it that bad? Either way they tasted delicious.

Meal Plan for the Day:
Breakfast: I had rice crisp cereal with slivered almonds and honey, almond milk
Snack: Banana and some walnuts
Lunch: Leftover Freshii rice and roast turkey
Snack: carrots and hummus, some dry roasted soy nuts
Dinner: brown rice with garlic, garlic green beans, coleslaw with oil and lemon and tilapia

Things I Miss: Doritos Nacho Chips and bacon

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