Joshi Detox Day 10.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 days! Only 11 more days until I can start eating fruit and having coffee, yes! I am at the point now where I’m not being super strict about the detox.  If I go out for dinner and order chicken and salad and the salad is in a vinaigrette, oh well.  Tomorrow is my birthday and the whole weekend is pretty much dedicated to my birthday as well.  This means that there’s going to be lots of food and drinks and CAKE.  I am definitely going to try and not have anything bad except for crème brulee, and that’s ONLY if the restaurant we’re going to has it.
Overall my cravings for coffee are diminishing.  I do feel like chocolate the odd time but nothing too crazy.  It feels weird that I haven’t had a piece of bread in 10 days, I really want a piece!  The girls at work are really sticking to the detox well, better than I am.  One of the girls lost 5 lbs. and the other a bit more.  I’m just going to weigh myself at the 21 day mark and see!  My skin is still clear which is great!

Meal Plan for the Day.
Breakfast: lemon water, green tea, rice cereal with almonds and honey
Snack: rice cake with almond butter
Lunch: delicious chicken shawarma with mixed greens, cabbage salad, chickpea salad and hummus from Villa Medina
Snack: mary’s organic onion crackers (gluten/wheat-free)
Dinner: basmati brown rice with chicken and vegetables in a ginger-garlic-sesame sauce

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