Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Who the hell needs flour in a chocolate cake when Terroni makes the BEST flourless chocolate cake ever! Honestly, this melt in your mouth, warm, decadent cake is addictive and not for sharing (glutton yeah). This cake comes out so fresh and oozes out warm chocolatey filling as it sits in a pool of white chocolate ganache. 

The first time I tried this cake was because the table next to us were pretty much having an orgasm over the cake they were eating.  We asked them what it was and ordered it right away.  As we ate it and started making weird animal noises, the table next to us asked us what it was and then they ordered it.  Its honestly THAT good.

I would wait in the ridiculous Terroni line-up anytime just to order this cake. Oh and they have great pizza as well.

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