Dairy-Free Pesto.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love regular pesto with parmesan cheese but because of the detox I'm on I cant have any dairy products except for buffalo mozzarella and goat's cheese *BARF*.  So I went on an adventure to Whole Foods last night to find me some cheese-free pesto.  The Whole Foods in Yorkville is HUGE. I could've spent a good hour in there browsing at all the fun and slightly expensive products they have.  I love it!  But my bf was dragging his feet and getting impatient so I made the trip there quick.  I ended up finding Maison Le Grand pesto, sauces, and tapenades.  Maison Le Grand is an eco-friendly line of cold-processed sauces made of natural, raw ingredients. SCORE!  I immediately remembered that I tried these products a few years back at the Gourmet Food & Wine expo and they were super delicious.  They have a wide variety of flavours such as lemon confit and pumpkin seed sauce, sundried tomato pesto, spicy olive tapenade, 4 nuts and cheese pesto, and the one I bought Garden Pesto!  Garden pesto was exactly what I wanted, the ingredients are: basil, lemon zest and garlic! YUM!

I'm going to make brown rice linguine with chicken and pesto sauce next week!

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