Timbit Stench.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I probably shouldn't be talking about timbits after a detox post but whatever, I'm cramming in some shit food before next week.  Anyway, during my camping adventure this weekend my sister brought up a good observation about glazed timbits/donuts from Tim Horton's.  She said that they smell like dry saliva! I couldn't believe the revelation brought forward, especially by my sister...  They smell exactly like dried saliva, but only the glazed ones. The timbits I find have more of that stale saliva smell, especially the sour cream glazed.  Anyways, this was definitely a pointless post but I'm sure some of you out there have thought about the rancid smell of timbits.

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  1. You know, I bought 20 Timbits this morning and I had to throw them out because of that smell. I thought I had got a bad bunch.

  2. Just bought 20 chococlate timbits and they smell like dried saliva too. gonna eat them anyways.


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