Detox Prep.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So I ended up buying some of the dry foods for the Joshi Detox.  Since most of the foods I bought are organic and gluten-free I ended up paying a lot more money than I had expected.  I still have to buy soy milk, fish, chicken, turkey, and a shitload of green veggies closer to the start of my detox. I bought most of the products at Loblaws since they have a decent oragnic/gluten-free section. I think I'm going to browse Whole Foods because I need to find some sort of gluten-free chocolate thing to make me calm when I throw a sugar fit.

So far here are my very bland and boring products:
Rice Crisps - Really good crackers! Even better dipped in some hummus.
Brown Rice and Green Lentils - I eat this stuff all the time already, mixed some garlic, onion and cumin.
Brown Rice Cereal - I imagine this being bland, but I can add some honey and sliced almonds.

Brown Rice Cakes - Decent if you spread some pumpkin seed butter on em
Brown Rice Pasta - should be good with some olive oil, garlic, onions, spinach, chicken

Almond Butter - Will be putting this on bananas and brown rice toast.

More detox prep updates to come!

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