Camping Complete.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So we arrived at Cedar Beach which is more of a Camping Resort than wilderness camping.  I was okay with this as I'm terrified of bears eating me and giant spiders laying eggs in my throat while I sleep.  We set up our tents and went for a walk to take a peak at Muscleman Lake.

Decided to cook some burgers for dinner (forgot the ketchup) and visit the convenience store which sold wrapping paper, just in case you need to wrap up a gift.....!

Started up the campfire and had a few beers while telling cheesey ghost stories that made no sense.

DAY 2:
After sleeping fairly well on our air mattress, we woke up at about 8 am.  Had some breakfast and then went to play basketball and swim.  Lunch time burgers, mid-afternoon ice cream and then some intense games of badminton.  Dinner was my creation and tasted quite delicious considering we barely had any spices or sauces.

Campside Dogs & Taters

1 or 2 Green Peppers
A bag of mini potatoes

Half of an onion chopped up
 3 to 4 Hot Italian Sausages cut up into slices

Mix all ingredients together and season with sea salt, black pepper, rosemary, hot pepper flakes and some garlic powder.  Place in a large piece of aluminum foil and seal.  Poke a few holes in the top of the package and place on a hot grill.

After about 30 minutes check to see if the potatoes are tender.  Remove from grill and enjoy!! TASTY!

After our delicious dinner.  More fire, drinks, stories, games, freaking out over insects, etc.  Will post the rest after Buskerfest.

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